Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jonker Sweets, LG floor , The Gardens

One of the weekends,together with my roomate and my brother we decided to go and watch Madagascar II in MidValley. Being smart, i thought if we were to arrive earlier we will be able tobuy tickets without booking or e-payment BUT i was so so so wrong. The minute i enter MV from carpark, the que was already until the McD ice cream kiosk..OMG !!
so we gave up..change plan..watch on Tuesday night with advance e-payment ticketing..
So we went for lunch at Sushi Zanmai in Gardens..(will blog bout that later)..and after that we went for desserts..was wondering around and thinking whr to have dessert and at the end we settle down at Jonker Sweets located at LG floor at The Gardens.

they call this "Mango Lo Lo" ~ price at rm5.90 . Tastewise,i still think KTZ serves better "Mango Lo Lo"

Honey Dew Lo Lo ~ price at rm5.90

"Pak Kor Fu Chuk" ~ price at rm2.90. Quite flavourful..but i still prefer the one my grandma cooks..

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and tastebuds.it maybe different for others.thx.no offence ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chinoz On The Park, KLCC

Last week, my jimui came over to my office and pick me up for lunch and she decided on Chinoz and suggested that we share the food. Me and her didnt want a too heavy lunch...
citron presse ~ rm12

complimentary bread & butter - love the freshness of the bread

lamb cutlets with garlic puree ~ rm23 - the lamb meat was so tender and its goes perfectly well with the garlic puree

oopsss...i forgot the name of this sphagetti but the shrimps are darn fresh...and i think its price at rm38

Overall, i quite like the food here...might give their sandwiches a try in my next visit !

Life is good !

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and tastebuds.it maybe different for others.thx.no offence ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


i think i have left my blog untouch for sometime...

the past one month has been an emotional challenging month...

and now at this moment in life,i have never felt so contented and happy...

thank you to my family for the endless love,support and encouragement (especially to mom and grandma..)and a million thanks to the jimuis and close frens who alwiz ensure that i m happy and smiling......

and i have done loads of shopping last month, from tops to dresses to heels and accessories..will upload pics on what i bought last month...
>.< happy

till then will be busy editting pics of food so that i can slowly upload 1 by 1....

weekend is coming again and 2009 is approaching.......
have a great weekend everyone ;)