Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ice Blended Mango Passionfruit,Starbucks

this is another outdated post,i was looking at the photographs tat i took n i realise i haven post about this new drink i tried in starbucks.
it was very hot afternoon tat day tat i decided to go n try this new drink.i personally love mango flavour stuff more so i decide to choose this ; ice blended mango passionfruit and a chicken pie.and guess wat,the minute i sat down at one corner in starbucks it started to rain heavily ;) i love to sit down at one corner , looking around at ppl and to read my the moment i m reading "For My Hands Only by Stephen Eng Huat Ling".its a true story about a little boy who grew up in poverty but never gives up his hopes and dreams.

oopss..back to the new starbucks drink, i find so so only,nothing to shout about.but the taste of the passionfruit has over power the mango taste and its too sweet for my liking.the chicken pie was nothing too special either.i wanted to order their apple crumble pie with ice cream but it wasnt available,toooo bad :(

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


i was at midvalley with of of my jimuis coz she wanted to buy a set of working suit.we went to almost all the places where working suits are available but she did not find anything that she wanted. at the end we went to Edmunser.well tat was her last resort as we thought it will be very expensive but it turn out tat the price was almost the same as G2000.and guess wat we were in there for like 15 minutes and she found the suit that she wanted.mission accomplished!! by then our leg were very tired and wanted to find a place to sit down n have a drink so we went to the cinema level and saw this new restaurant name ZEN.(i think is a subsidiary of Secret Recipe coz the cups they use were printed Secret Recipe..pls correct me if i m wrong..)i ordered ice lemon tea and my fren ordered a hot chocolate and we ordered a warm chocolate gateux,price at was reli warm n soft and i love the chocolate melting from inside.i think it will be beta to share it bcoz after the 2nd and 3rd bite i kind of find it very sweet.

warm chocolate gateux

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my darling cat

i m not goin to blog about food today..will stop a while because i wan to inroduce to you one of my family member, my darling little brother..

his name is "fei chai" in cantonese meaning fat cat..he is reli fat and he looks like an imitation of garfield and he has a very short tail.a very fierce cat but wenever he has no water or food he likes to lick ur toes to tell you tat he has no food or are 2 pics to share with you.


Monday, September 24, 2007

The Bamboo Noodle House,Jusco,Ipoh

i was back in ipoh last weekend.i had a great time wif my dearest family and frens and goin bac to ipoh means lots of eating to be done but i m goin to share something slightly diff this time instead of writing about "nga choi kai" .

we were at Jusco, Ipoh tat day and me and a few friends wanted something not too heavy for lunch so we decided to go to The Bamboo House located next to Maybank on 2nd floor.

There were 4 of us. We ordered a pot of chinese tea, 1 bowl of fish head mihun, korea style pork ribs and the crispy bean curd.
The fish head mihun was so delicious tat we finish up all the soup. There are lots of ingredients in the soup such as tomatoes,"ham choy", and lots of fish. GOOD !!

Fish Head Mihun

The Korean style pork ribs was delicious too.the taste was jus right and its very crispy.not too salty and not too sweet.

Korean style pork ribs

and tofu has alwiz been my favourite.this beancurd is very nice.i lurve it soo much.the texture is so soft and it is very fragant.its crispy outside and soft inside.

crispy bean curd

conclusion,the food was good and price was reasonable.

There are other food which we wanted to try but we wan to go and have ipoh white coffee so we will come back n try the Fish Head Curry and the Sambal Sotong. i heard its very delicious too.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Food & Tea, Times Square

On one fine weekend, we went for karaoke session at Green Box,Sg.Wang and after tat we went over to Times Square to watch Rush Hour 3 and we have ample of time before the movie so we decided to go and have lunch but as usual we cant decide whr and my stomach is starting to cramp again..n its real pain this time so we decided to eat at Food & Tea bcoz its jus next to the cinema.(all i wanted at that time was just to sit down and have a cup of warm drink).

my brother ordered a red bean "tong sui" and i ordered a black tea with ginger plus 2 black sesame "tong yuen".my brother did not like the red bean "tong sui" as he complains its too thick and not much taste, as for mine,nothing special too.

black tea with ginger with 2 black sesame "tong yuen"

red bean "tong sui"

as for the food, nothing very special brother ordered some kind of bread with cheese and ham, i had chicken porridge, my frens had pork ribs rice, fish fillet with sphagetti and another fish porridge.

bread with cheese and ham

chicken porridge

fish fillet with sphagetti

pork ribs rice set (free "ma poh" taufu )

Overall i find the food here ok only,its like any other Hong Kong style restaurant but i just dont favour this one.Dont think will revisit this place in near future. anyway,the movie Rush Hour 3 was reli funny,its more of a comedy movie compare to action but the 5 of us had a great n tiring day !!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Congratulations to my beloved LiChing


i m so hapy tonite.cant concentrate on my revision.Received a sms from liching saying tat she is getting married..sooo hapy for her..the 1st among us to get married......the rest of the jimuis were shocked too but we are all so hapy for her...

arghhh..i have no words in mind now to describe our joy n happiness for her..

dinner date has been set..n we cant wait for the day to arrive..

here's a pic of the 7 of us taken last year...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saisaki, UOA KL

It was one of my colleague farewell n we decided to have her farewell dinner at Saisaki Sushi Buffet. So we went there after work. There were altogether 10 of us..(i went twice to Saisaki tat week bt nvm coz I LURVE SUSHI ).i wil let the pics do the talking..

baked oysters with cheese

i m already very full after so many plates of food but there are still food which i cant resist..the food journey continues..

cawan mushi (my favourite)

and...i stil haven stop eating yet...

and ice cream was was reli a heavy dinner but i m hapy!!

and not to forget there are free flow of green tea and there are ice lemon tea,peach tea,ribena and even tea and coffee..

I personally prefer Saisaki then Shogun. I find that the sashimis in Saisaki are fresher and they have a wider variety of choices of food...

The price for Buffet dinner for each adult is RM52.00 plus 10%service charge and (Monday - Friday)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Dinner At Chillis, KLCC

this is oso 1 of the very outdated post which i alwiz wanted to post. there are lots more blog but i think i wil take my own sweet time to upload 1 by 1.i think i m gettin lazy these days :)

on one night suddenly i decided to go for dinner at KLCC , Chillis so i suggested it to my roomates n my brother n cousin brother..all of them has no comment so i say lets we hurrily change and go. When we reach Chillis we have to wait for another half an hour before its our turn so we went n walk around at Isetan n return to Chillis half an hour later...haha...all of us are already very hungry.Since all of them have no idea wat to order so i made the decision. All of us ordered a cup of bottomless Fruit juice. For starters, we ordered

Triple Play.

after tat we ordered bottomless tortilla chips wif salsa sauce.( i personally adore Chillis salsa sauce)

after tat we had 3 different mains dishes to be shared among 5 of us. The portion served in Chillis are really big for not so huge eaters likes us so we order everything to be shared.

Lamb shoulder with Mash Potato

BBQ Chicken & Beef served with Chillis Homemade Sauce

Cajun Burger served with Traditional Fries

and lastly for dessert is Chocolate Molten Cake With Vanilla Ice Cream

Dinner was great. The lamb meat was so tender, beef meat was juicy and the burger is great( there are lots of fried onion in the burger..) and the chocolate molten is DELICIOUS !! and we were laughing our way thru thr dinner..thanks to my cousin's jokes..

I think this is my first food blog.Will try to write more bout wat i have tried before...