Monday, December 31, 2007

goodbye 2007 & welcome 2008

its 31st.the last day of 2007 and wat i m doing ? i m blogging at home. i was supposed to be at boulevard hotel celebrating BUT i fall sick last minute..down with fever,vomit n bad it leaves me with no choice but to stay at home and recuperate !!

a lot has happened in 2007

first of all, i have been real sick a few times this in real bad.hopefully in 2008 my health gets beta.....

my ex-classmates baked me a burfday cake this year with lots of my favourite fruit on top of it ~ strawberries

i permed my hair in april but in june i cut my hair short till my ears and have been keeping it short till now..i m reli loving my short hair
my sabah trip was a successful one.i had a great time n great tan in sabah..( after sabah trip i was down with fever as high as 40degrees- price to pay for wen u tanned to much at 4 diff beaches) but no doubt its a trip tat i enjoyed so much ! looking for more beach trips in 2008

has been writing more about food on my blog..seems like it has changed to some sort of food blog but my intention is just to share with all of u food that i have tried...thank u to u peeps for taking ur precious time to view my blog and leave comments.

went to climb the flights of steps in batu caves

joined fitness centre together with my dear jimui and now hoping by 2008 i m able to loose more weight

got to know my colleagues beta ( can i say that?) been having a lot of outing lately with them and i enjoy each of the outing and hoping there is more to come in 2008

fell in love again without myself realising it until something happens.i thought i lost this kind of feeling but i never thought i could find it again.there is no progress and i doubt he knows it...

"dai ka jie" got married this year. the first among the jimuis to get married and the 6 of us are goin to be god-mom.. ( i cant wait.........)

i received my first bouquet of roses.i reli do love the roses but..............

tried the game "paintball" early this year with my colleagues and a few friends.. a game i enjoyed very much even though its very pain.

goin bac to studies in June 2008..this is one of the thing that i m reli looking forward too.......

i guess this are among the little things which i have done..i know its not any big achievements but i m satisfied and hope that i can achieved more in 2008 especially in my studies !

just wan to wish all of u good health, good wealth and may the year 2008 brings more luck for for all of us in watever we do. May it bring the best of luck to all my beloved family and my dearest friends

*jus random pics of wat i did in 2007

the cake my fren baked

paintball with colleagues n friends

batu caves with yien

sabah trip - mt.KK

sabah ~ karambunai

1st k-session with colleagues

"dai ka jie" wedding

2 of my favourite pic in 2007

Friday, December 28, 2007

Munakata, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KL

After a sumptous lunch, me n my colleagues had a sumptous dinner as well on christmas eve before i meet my friends later on...None of us had try this place before...

Munakata is a Fine Dining Japanese Restaurant operating its business in a huge bungalow along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and if i did not remember wrongly its located next to a Tandoori Restaurant.

sake salmon & tobikko ~ price at rm8 per piece..( 4 piece x rm8 = rm32 ) - pricey huh ?? but i can tell u the sake salmon is soooo fresh !! i only can afford this once a year ..sob sob:(

i alwiz forget the name of this bean. EDAMAME ?? did i spell correctly ? can someone correct me if i m wrong ?? THANKS !! complimentary ~ RM0.00Tenzaru Soba ~ price at RM28.00 @ cold buckwheat noodles with a few tempura items. very filling.i cant even finish the noodles...( i mus get someone to share this with me next time !! )

Kaisen Nabeyaki Udon ~ price at rm35.00 @ my colleague say ok, not bad..

Yakiniku Jyu ~ price at rm40.00 @ comes with soup, rice and fruits.i tasted the beef...yeah !! i like !!

Unagi Kabayaki ~ price at rm45.00 @ if u order this with the rice set its price at RM60.00.i din taste the unagi but my colleague said ok !!

i like their cute !!

This place are places that i can only afford once in a few years as i m so poor...haha...I guess next time have to do some survey before goin again as it was our first time there, we actually din reli know wat was special there and dun reli know wat to order but i saw this teppanyaki session thr, maybe next time i can go try their teppanyaki.

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dragon - i , Pavillion

my 2nd time to dragon-i. this time with my colleagues. since it was christmas eve so we decided to have something nice and promise to be broke together on wednesday...( i was actually craving for "xiu long bao" )

so off we went to dragon-i located at pavillion...the whole lunch i was thinking whether i wan to que up for the donuts.....( in the end..i que but gave up halfway due to unforeseen circumstances )
6 of us altogether. decided to order dishes n rice instead of the usual ala carte.

tit bits ~ rm2.oo

must order xiu long bao ~ price at rm10 for 4. ( its more expensive by rm2 compare to the dragon-i at cititel ) stil my favourite !!

sauteed with mince garlic or poached Hong Kong Kai Lan - we had it the poached way and its written in the menu that the Kai Lan's are flew in daily from Hong Kong ~ rm18.00

Sichuan braised beancurd with minced meat and chilli sauce ~ price at rm14.00

Sauteed diced chicken with dried chillies ~ price at rm18.00. look at the amount of dried chillis.tasted a bit like the popcorn chicken from KFC but a bit too salty for my liking

Sauteed egg plant with minced meat ~ price at rm14.00. egg plant has alwiz been something i love very much !!

Cure my cravings for "xiu long bao" and thanks to my colleagues who are willing to go there to cure my cravings...AND MOST IMPORTANT...THANKS TO RACHEL FOR THE TREAT !!!

p/s : rachel, i owe u one !

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

"the little christmas tree in my office"

its christmas eve today...

and also another 7 days to 2008...

time flies without we realising it...

i so far have only seen pavillion and midvalley's christmas decoration..been wanted to go to the curve and 1u to see their christmas decorations but have yet to do so...

so i conclude to myself tat i love pavillion christmas decorations...

wat was i doing last year christmas ? i was at island cafe at ss2 with close friends having drinks n was real hapy, talking back bout wat we did last time..the crazy burfday celebrations,the shopping outings and the so-out-of-mind things we did in hostel... "jimuis" i miss all of u..( god !!, i m so emo at this moment now )how i wish we can have one day whr we can turn bac time..just so tat i can taste the fun we once had in hostel.......

i remember i cried so badly at the mamak the day 2 jimuis shifting out of hostel..and i cant even bear seeing them pack that i cried in my room........and in return they are the one who console me... " JIMUIS !!! I MISS ALL OF U !!!!!!! "

tat was 2 yrs ago..we all have diff lifes now, dai ka jie got married a month ago ( and the 6 of us are goin to be god mom soon........), rachel is in UK, the rest of us are working at diff locations but still meeting up even though its alwiz not the 7 of us except for one time which was last year July. ( lets pray hard it wil be the complete 7 of us this coming chinese new year when rachel is back )
JIMUIS, i wan to tell u all, i thank god bcoz he is so generous to me by giving me such wonderful ppl in my life and helping me go thru my reli down times and to share my "syok sendiri" happiness. THANK U for alwiz being there for me, to entertain my stubbornness( i dun even know if such existed)...

ok...enuf of emo is suppose to be full of joy n laughter !!

i m having plans tonite...and i cant wait for the clock to tick at 6pm and leave to celebrate.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chinoz On The Park, KLCC

been having quite a number of outings with my colleague lately...or should i say quite frequent lately....

after work, they decided to go to somewhere near our office, so we went to KLCC and end up at Chinoz on the Park.there were total of 5 of us. i love the environment of this place, and there were quite a lof of ppl, probably becoz its friday night.
ordered a jug of beer and some tit bits and some sushi........

complimentary bread and butter

forgot the name of the beans..cooked with chillis flakes.according to my colleague best to have it with beer

totally no idea wat is the name of this snack ~ sorry

soft shell crab temaki ~ rm12.00per piece

avocado dragon maki ~ deep fried jumbo prawn,mayo lettuce topped with avocado - price at rm33.00 ( my favourite of the night )

caesar salad - but the portion is real small compare to chillis. ooopss,forgot the price.....but i find it a bit too cheesy for my liking...and the funny thing is,there have a slice of salty fish on top of the salad.

chocolate tofle desert ~ price at rm18.00 ( i forgot the full name of the dessert ) but i heart this dessert..real chocolatey...

and my colleagues decided to order a tower of beer..( before we ordered this tower we already had 2 jug of beers.....)

definitely wil come back n try out the other food...the price here are above average or should i label them as pricey...i leave that for u to judge !!

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Green Box, Sg.Wang

*outdated post

suddenly lately i felt that i have lots of things to be done. like the feeling of being busy but not with the ppl i have to deal with..

one day me n my colleagues decided to go for midnight k-session..haha..

during lunch time my colleague ask me wan to go sing k ? i say okok..good but canot so early lar coz i have dinner with friends den she say around 11pm lo..i say ok den i immediately book room..haha...

reach green box at bout of my colleague is already thr waiting..( she arrived at 11pm ) anyway, it was my first k-session with my colleagues...........

i was actually already very sleepy...but stil wan to sing...haha

Hopefully , our 2nd round of k-session wont have to wait too long

Lastly, a pic of us at green box

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dain Ti Hill, Pavillion

on Wednesday night, after work, went for dinner with a few of my colleagues. we were so undecisive at first. so i say we decide wen we arrive at Pavillion. wen we were thr went straight to the top floor,walk around T.G.I.F and we saw this very grand restaurant and went n have a look at their menu. looks interesting and they were offering RM10 voucher and each table u can use up to 2 vouchers, so we decided to have it here. the name of the restaurant was Dain Ti Hill. They have a few outlets in Taiwan, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

here are some pics of the environment.
i only snap a page of the menu
and the food we ordered

baked rice roll ~ price at rm24.00

eel rice ~ price at rm22.00

pork chop rice ~ price at rm16.00

"gui fei" chicken noodle ~ price at rm16.00

"mongolian" beef stir fried ~ price at rm16.00

soft vinegar honey ~ price at rm12.00

Overall, the food here ok oni. My colleague complaint that the eel rice has more onions than any other thing, feels like he is eating onion rice, the pork chop rice was tasteless, the "gui fei" chicken noodle was too salty and the mongolian beef stir was ok oni n as for the soft vinegar honey, honestly i dun reli like it.. and the price here are quite pricey. Conclusion, i guess we won't be returning to this restaurant..but probably i willcome back n try out their dessert !

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)