Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Green Box, Sg.Wang

*outdated post

suddenly lately i felt that i have lots of things to be done. like the feeling of being busy but not with the ppl i have to deal with..

one day me n my colleagues decided to go for midnight k-session..haha..

during lunch time my colleague ask me wan to go sing k ? i say okok..good but canot so early lar coz i have dinner with friends den she say around 11pm lo..i say ok den i immediately book room..haha...

reach green box at sg.wang bout 11.45pm..one of my colleague is already thr waiting..( she arrived at 11pm ) anyway, it was my first k-session with my colleagues...........

i was actually already very sleepy...but stil wan to sing...haha

Hopefully , our 2nd round of k-session wont have to wait too long

Lastly, a pic of us at green box


-PuTeRi- said...

apple...u main cantik.. still remember me??

R3d 0r Gr3en @pPLe ??? said...

hi puteri
thanks for ur comments
of course i stil remember u
whr are u now ?
in kl ?
takecare ya gal !!!!!!!!

-PuTeRi- said...

shah alam...
take care to dear..

R3d 0r Gr3en @pPLe ??? said...

i do go shah alam once a while but not very familiar with tat area..
carez !!

Mayda said...

Good words.