Thursday, March 22, 2007

march 20th,07

estee's burfday..she came over to my place on the 19th nite.planning to surprise her but she arrived late but was glad to see her hapy blowing the cake tat i buy..she blew her cake at my house balcony...den we chatted at the balcony together wif her maid,simon !!! until almost 2.30am

on the 20th - we went to pick up teresa n joyce n head to 1u as planned n we easily found our way thr.we reached thr about 3.30pm..and of course shopping again..haha..but we are so excited bout the sushi buffet coz actually we are hungry. we only took light breakfast..estee n teresa din join us for shopping coz they wan to find a place to sit down n start their "work".so oni me n j0yce...saw something very nice at la senze but too bad no more size..

den sharp at 6.30pm we are in the restaurant already...haha..the salmon sushi was great..only one word to describe our dinner - fantabulous !!! companion was great and food was great n we laugh a are some pics to share n last but not least hapy burfday estee darling!!! i hope u had a great day on ur burfday !!

Monday, March 19, 2007


life is alwiz not as smooth sailing as we alwiz wanted to be is it? it is alwiz testing our patience and skill in makin decisions..
is life tat materialistic? or does the society can ensure me tat wif a higher qualification i can gain a beta pay job n live a more comfortable living in the future?...
this is my last chance so tat i can start studying again in june but if i do not make it again i will hav to wait for another yr...but if another yr pass wil i be able to find the courage n strength to study again..i felt bad terribly for lettin mom down..i went bac last week n bonded wif her greatly,slept together wif her n she "belai" me like a little kid who did not grow up...this is my greatest resolution this pass my this exam n continue my advance for another 2 yrs.den mom can be proud of me...i know i m left wif not much time and i will make full use of it now...i wan mom to see me in the convo..n make her feel will make ur this yr burfday a memorable one..tat is to see me graduate !!!

estee,thank you for all the support that u have been giving me all this means a lot tat wen i m down u r alwiz thr to listen n to make me laugh again.u r alwiz thr to listen to my nonsense..i reli do not know whr to find another like u..u r one in a million!!! and u r the greatest friend n jimuis i ever had..words are never enuf to xpress my gratitude..i love u so much...

yien,thank u to u so much too for tolerating my nonsense avday after i m bac from work..thanx for being such a great r.mate n fren..wen are u coming bac to fast lo..and thank u for alwiz supportin me in everything i do..i appreciate it a lot gal..hope to see u soon in sabah..takecare n putmore sun block oh..

applesiew...its time to show some results..n i know u can make it!!!!! kanbateh !!!!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

paintball = painball at

11th march 07 - a day worth remembering bcoz at last our paintball trip was a successfull one after much delay.they were a total of 16 of us and they are me,carmen,wilson,stella,mayteing,karg weng,liew,pang,rachel n her husband,lee and his friends.....

was pretty excited..have been wanted to try this game for so long..the place was pretty far and isolated but luckily wilson manage to find tat place..

we started at bout 11 somethin.was given short briefing by mr.razak on short history of paintballs and safety precautions.since they were 16 of us so we were divided into 2 groups of 8ppl..we had a few rounds of game and we were joined by a few professional was exciting but if u get goodness,it so damn damn pain..but the pain was worth it..

now cant wait to go for go kart..its actually great to get to hang out wif colleagues during the weekends and strengthen our bonds but sad to say i wont be here for long..i m gonne miss all of them dearly..they are such great colleagues n friends...