Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2nd day KRABI - 03.04.09

on our 1st day nite, (oopps..i forgot to mention that we had coconut for 10baht each only)we actually bumped into Mr.Rick again and after some short discussion, we again hire him to be our personal 1 day tour guide for 2nd day. Schedule was to visit Tiger Cave Temple, Emerald Pool a.k.a Crystal Pool and oso Hot Spring. He charged 2000baht for the 3 of us. (cheap because if we were to take up the 1 day tour offered at the hotel, was at 1200 baht per person) So he told us he will pick us up from the hotel at 8.30am.
2nd day - we woke up at 7am (Thailand time), bath n get ready. We went and survey whats available for breakfast nearby hotel ( City Hotel does not provide breakfast ) and we found this small restaurant that sells pork noodle. We saw lots of pork balls, pork intestines on display but due to language communication, we only pointed what we want to the uncle...you can opt for bihun , kueyteow or mee. i chose bihun...

trust me..this was very good..the soup was very flavourful..very good and its only at 30baht per bowl. oohh.and they provide free drinking water...

after a good and delicious breakfast, we walk back to the hotel to meet Rick...set to go ...

First destination was Tiger Cave Temple, where there is huge "Kuan Yin"statue. There is a stall selling different colours of joss stick according to days. At first we thought, since today is Friday, so we shud buy Friday but the nun there told us that we shud buy according to the day we are born, i was like thinking "how am i suppose to know inthe year 1985, which day i was born in" , then she probably figure out we were thinking on how..den she says we can check with our mobile.Jus key in the date den we can see which day we were born in. Mine is Friday. so i bought the blue colour.Price at 20baht per set ( every set includes a few joss sticks, a chrysanthemum and a candle). U can offer prayers right infront of this "Kuan Yin" statue.

the entrance to Tiger Cave Temple

total of 1237 flight of steep staircase to go to the temple on top of the mountain

view from 551 steps..me and estee stopped here as i was feeling nausea and dizzy..but eric went up and took some photos..mostly gold statues

Me and estee went down to wait for Eric to come down,and when he is on his way down, we saw him barefooted, he said the monkeys has taken his shoes..after that we went to see a tree that is said to be 1000yrs old and we walked like another 1.5km into the woods to see the tree

Next destination : Emerald Pool a.ka. Crystal Pool

we walked another 2km on a muddy road+drizzling before we reach the Emerald Pool.

when we reach, we are so excited..dare not jump straight into it afraid it might be too deep,so me n estee like 2 little girls sitting by the side trying to do down slowly,testing how deep this natural pool is....>.<>

After that we went for lunch.

fried sotong with lots of fried garlic - this was reli good.Very fragant..but too bad i don't eat garlic.Eric keep say that the garlics are very crunchy

mixed vege - the gravy was darn good...

fried fish cooked in diff types of chilli sauces and also cili padi -my god..this was reli reli reli spicy..we did not finish this..was way too spicy..

my all time favourite papaya salad - very fragant and the dried prawns are very crispy..but not spicy enough>.<

and of course - seafood tomyan gung..this was good..very good! look at the amount of dried cili padi they add in...

Total bill for the 4 of us (including our tour guide) was only 900 baht. (and we had a big pot of white rice and 2 bottles of 1.5litre pepsi) Good & cheap food.

Last destination was suppose to be the hot spring..but we were too tired so we decided to skip the hot spring and instead we went to the factory outlet on our way back to the city..lots of brand there..nike,reebok,adidas,lacoste,reef,billabong.scholl,clarks,roxy,converse and others..did some shopping and head back to hotel and bath and Rick will be coming to pick us up at 7pm(Thai time) to go for massage..hooray!

A pic of us at Kandaman Spa. We were suppose to go to the other one but it was close so Rick brought us here.We opt for the traditional Thai massage at 800 baht per person for 90mins.The lady masseur was reli reli very good..our legs reli need a good massage..

3rd day will be up soon.......

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1st day KRABI - 02.04.09

i m back from Krabi for a week and have jus sorted out the pics accordingly( and also to get the rest of the pics from my frens)...was there for 7 days...VERY RELAXING AND VERY TAN AND I MISS OPEN SEA SNORKELLING !

was schedule to depart from LCCT at 12pm Malaysia time but the flight was delayed till 1.45pm..My VERY FIRST DELAYED flight with Air Asia..my previous experience wasnt this bad..anyway..LCCT is more spacious and more comfortable now compared to last year..more retail shops are open now...

since the flight was delayed, i have to called City Hotel@Krabi town to let them know so that they can arrange the transport accordingly as i have booked the transport from airport to our hotel (cost from airport to City Hotel - 400baht(1 private car) ). We boarded the plane at 1.45pm and from KL to Krabi is a journey of 1 hour 20minutes. We were schedule to arrive at Krabi International Airport at 2.05pm Thailand time. ( Thailand is one hour behind us)
Upon arrival, i saw our tour guide (Mr.Rick) holding my name at the arrival hall. From airport to the hotel is a journey of 25minutes. i have booked this hotel name City Hotel at Krabi town for the first 2 nights before we move to stay in Ao Nang. The hotel is very clean and comfortable and what i like best about it was that 7-11 is just right next to the hotel and there is a night market right opposite the hotel.

After we check in, i lied straight on the bed..then my fren suggested that we go buy some snacks and a few bottle of mineral water from 7-11, i say Ok..( will blog later about all the snacks we bought). Then after we return to the hotel, bath and went to the opposite night market to explore and have dinner.
not too sure wat is this.we actually bought this for 5 baht each but when we reach hotel,we couldnt find it...must have accidentally thrown it away...

variety of salads and sticky rice with mango. all at 30baht per plate. we bought the sticky rice with mango..the mango is so so so sweet n juicy..

this one is like thai style otak-otak. and its only 10baht per stick. since we bought other food, we only bought 2 sticks. i find it a bit too dry

variety of ikan bakar price at 30baht per stick...but i m nota fan of fish so i did not buy this..

grilled chicken n fish at 10baht per stick..the chicken was good but the fish tasted weird

glutinuos rice with different fillings, 10baht each.we bought the spicy coconut and yam filling. Personally preferred the spicy coconut feeling, but the yam was very fragrant tho

variety of fruits.price at 25baht per packet. Fruits are very very fresh and sweet>.<

seafood glassnoodle - that was written at the stall. We saw lots of ppl queing up for this so we decided to give it a try. This was awesome..very flavourful and also spicy..personallyi would prefer if this is much more spicy..the glass noodle was very tangy n flavourful..and its only 50baht per plate...