Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Turning 24...

i m turning 24 in about 72 hours..i m going into the mid-20's
if i can live uptill 72 yrs,i have live one third of my life..
although i have not achieve any great achievements in life but i m happy and contented with wat i have now...

2009 hope to accomplish list :
(i) start my studies in May
(ii) my baking classes
(iii) my jewellery learning classes
(iv) a social worker to an orphanage home in Taman Paramount
(v) of course to spend more quality times wif my family and love ones

Looks simple but i m hoping all these 5 can be accomplish this year !

On a non-related note - i miss jian a lot !

The Loaf,Pavillion

There are still many eateries in Pavillion which i have not try out yet..will take my own sweet time to explore it.......

Was going back to Ipoh for the weekend,so i went to The Loaf and bought their famous mini cheese cupcakes for my family to try..
(top - left to right) ~ strawberry cheese, vanilla cheese and banana cheese
(bottom - left to right) ~ green tea cheese, chocolate cheese and almond lychee cheese
Overall, i only like the strawberry flavour. Cheesy and a bit sourish..the rest i find it too cheesy...If i am not mistaken, its rm2.50 each or rm9.50 for half dozen..I think my favourite will still be marble cheesecake from Starbucks and New York cheesecake from Secret Recipe...;)
*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 CNY Reunion Dinner

How's everyone CNY ? Collected many angpows ?
I had a reli great time back at good that i don't feel like coming back to KL.

Had my first reunion dinner wif mom side on Saturday. Was a sumptuos meal as grandma prepare all of her grandchildren's favourite food.Me,mom and my cousins went for facial in the morning den after that all of us return to grandma's house to help grandma...

(be prepare to see some reli good food pics...only available at my grandma's house)......

Mixed Veggies ~ cauliflower, carrot, abalone mushrooms, scallops, green peas

Hee Hee Ha Ha Prawns ~ stir fried prawns with onions, garlics and soy sauce

Lettuce Wrap ~ this bowl is a mixture of chinese sausages, fried eggs, green peas, water chestnut and mini scallops. The fresh lettuce leaves were so sweet that it can just be eaten like this. The lettuce leaves are use to wrap this mixture. Very delicious !

Yellow Ginger Chicken ~ grandma use the yellow ginger and marinated it with the chicken for 24 hours. And when we fried it,grandma say we mus put the yellow ginger together and fried it so that it will be more fragrant..This is superb delicious!

Braised Chicken Feet with Mushrooms ~ Grandma braised this from early morning with charcoal. For your information, my grandma still uses charcoal to boil soup.

Braised sea cucumber with scallops,mushrooms and minced chicken ~ thumbs up !!

Steam Cod Fish ~ i was never a fish lover but this cod fish was reli fresh..My grandma told me that good fish meat comes in slices..

Stir fry Sotong with dry chillies ~ this is always my favourite dish.

And of course this meal will not be complete without grandma's soup. I always love the soup that my grandma boils.Everytime when i go home,grandma will definitely boil soup for me..I know grandma start boiling this abalone and pig intestines soup from as early as 6am with charcoal and in between grandma has to keep adding charcoal to make sure the soup keeps boiling..when we had dinner at 7pm,the soup was reli flavourful..U cannot buy this anywhere...

A few more days before CNY ends..Have fun everyone !