Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Caffe 1920, Bangsar Village I

mom came down to KL again the weekend after Raya coz Dad will be in KL for the weekend before he fly off again for business trip...(my dad flies frequently due to his job).Since dad wil be in KL so mom decided to come down last minute on Friday nite. I went to my uncle's place to pick up mom n dad for dinner at Saisaki together wif my bro and my cousin bro( but sorry no pics coz i already blog about it before..).Glad that my dad loves the food from Saisaki.He says it worth it.On Sat, mom n me went shopping again at Midvalley but din bought anything this time.For dinner, my uncle suggest to have it at Bangsar Village 1 and i get to choose which restaurant are we goin to eat at..haha..

I decide to have it at "Caffe 1920" located just opposite the Hong Kong style restaurant name "chatterbox".

Let me tell u that this is a place for watching football too and they are the "Liverpool" supporter.When we arrive at about 7 sumthing at night there werent many ppl but ppl start pouring in at about 8 something because there was a football match between Liverpool and "i-dunno-the-opponent-team. About 10 of us too this time so we decided to share among us so we get to taste all the food.

turkey ham & broccoli-price at rm14.90

pesto-price at rm11.90

one of their specialy pizza named "pizza bianca"

pizza extravaganza

seafood lasagna

i forgot the name of this lasagna but if u can take beef i recommend looks diff for a lasagna but it tasted not bad.worth a try .

honey roasted chicken

Basically i find the food here ok-ok.i guess its more of a place for liverpool fans to watch football and have drinks..

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preferences and tastebuds and maybe different for others. no offence !! thx ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tony Roma's , Cineleisure

another outdated post..i m reli getting lazy nowadays.

it was Mel's burfday on September 29,again,out of 7 oni 4 made it.initial plan was to have dinner at italiannies but the queue was way too long and we have to wait like 30mins so we decided to change place and have it at Tony Roma's in Cineleisure. I heard its popular for its pork ribs but because its a halal restaurant in Malaysia so they oni offer beef ribs here in Malaysia.we have to wait for like 15 to 20 mins for our table so we had a walk at Cineleisure and because of that 15 mins i spent rm150 at Nike..(so broke..)and right after i pay they call and told us that our table is ready..ish ish.........if they have called 5 mins earlier..

the lighting were quite dim and the food pics that i took were blurry..

bountiful beef ribs,price at rm48.90 for a Roma Rack.

For a full rack of bountiful beef ribs its price at rm68.90 but they were only 4 of us so we did not order the full rack. The diff between the roma rack and full rack is where roma rack served 3 ribs and full rack served 5 ribs. The portion is real big and all 3 ribs were very meaty..the meat is juicy and tender..LOVE it..

Shrimp Scampi Pasta, priced at rm29.90

i love this pasta too.the portion is huge too and they were generous with the prawns..lots of prawns but after a few spoons of this pasta i find it too cheesy..but i love the tomatoes cubes served together with this pasta..

roasted garlic & rosemary chicken, priced at rm29.90

love the tendercy of the chicken and the rice and the broccoli..everything seems so right and good.rice is fragant, brocolli is so fresh and the chicken,cooked to the right perfection...i HEART this..

Overall, i personally love this place. They might not have as much choices as Chillis but its worth a try especially the beef ribs and once again great companionship makes food taste beta morever its the jimuis..we did not order any dessert bcoz we bought our own burfday cake for Mel.

a simple fruit basket cake from bread story.Luckily the burfday gal heart this cake.i love this cake too especially the chocolates..inside is normal sponge cake with generous amounts of fruits..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Batu Caves

this is a very out dated post.

on one weekend i went to batu caves with yien,potato,koo zhai & we left home at bout 9 plus am and went for breakfast nearby batu caves.we had porridge n fried noodles for breakfast..(oopss..forget to take pics coz we were very hungry but the porridge was very good to start the day)

after breakfast we went straight to batu caves..haha,when i look at the staircase i told them, i beta wait for your down here..i dun wan to climb that flight of stairs but they keep pesting me to go up with them..

n actually u only need about 15 to 20 minutes to go all the way up there,which is approximately 250 stepd n on the way up u get to see lots of cute monkey.

and it took us another 20 mins to come down..and what next ? eat again..froggy say he is goin to bring us to this place where the fried "tung fun" and fish head noodles are very good.

this place has no name.its is somewhere at the housing area off jalan is located in front of the temple at the housing area..the exact address i m not so sure..sorry..

fish head noodle with evaporated milk

there were generous with the ingredients.that include fried fish,fish cakes,salty vege,fishballs and cabbage.although i do not prefer fish head noodle with evaporated milk but this one is slightly diff..and we ordered the fish head noodle for 2 person and it came in such huge portion

fried "tung fun"

this one has my vote.also very generous with ingredients.lots of meat and we ordered for 2 person and its so huge that 5 of us were not able to finish it.( i would love this more if they did not add in the vege)

fried food

Lastly we ordered some fried food..great lunch with great friends.great companions always make food taste better...

sleepy d..nitez everyone..will update bout wat i did during the weekend..stay tune !

Monday, October 15, 2007

Delicious, Bangsar Village II

how was everyone's weekend ? i had a great one wif my mom,grandparents & cousins coming down to KL.they stayed at my uncle's place.on saturday night, grandma cook a sumptous meal at uncle's place..ooohh, i miss my grandma's food.on sunday night we had dinner at Delicious by Ms.Read at Bangsar Village II. (been wanted to try this place, thanks to my uncle for treating all of us ).there were 11 of us.

peach orange smoothies

oreo smoothies

lychee "plus"

smoked salmon angel hair - tossed in cream,served with caviar & parsley

traditional tornato spaghettini

spicy crab meat linguini - tossed with roasted cherry tomatoes & arugula,sprinkled with pinenuts

presenting to you my favourite pasta of the night "homemade pesto spaghettini"

pan-seared crispy skin salmon - served with coriander relish,asparagus & fried potatoes

seriously DELIcious cheeseburger - served with shoestring fries

duck confit cassoulet - with Veal sausages

chargrilled rack of lamb - (chilled) served with tunisian eggplant,mini yoghurt & fried potatoes

traditional braised oxtail in tomato sauce - served with garlic mashed potato

chargrilled sirloin steak - (300g chilled) served with bearnaise sauce,asparagus & fried potatoes

we had a great night.great family outing that i always enjoy.all these made the food even tastier.but i recommend the "duck confit cassoulet"to all of you who haven't been to "DELIcious" before and the pasta of the night.
all of us were very very full that we were not able to order dessert.i wanted so much to try "chocolicious sundae served with fresh strawberries" but my tummy wouldnt allow me too but no worries i definitely will come back and try the dessert.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Italiannies,The Curve

i m suppose to blog about tony's roma but i left the pics at home so i have decided to blog bout Italiannies at The Curve.

We were there last weekend to celebrate one of the jimuis burfday.but at the end out of 7 oni 3 make it but liching and her fiancee manage to join us at little penang for a short but very talkative gathering as the 3 of us ask her questions non-stop in regards to her upcoming wedding in november.

Back to food.Since they were oni 3 of us so only order 2 main dish and a dessert ( i ate 3 quarter of the dessert..hehe..its soooooo DELICIOUS !! )

this is a complimentary from Italiannies.Its is given to each table before we start ordering.I just love the plain bread dipped into the tuscany olive oil and vinegar.

Seafood Cioppino,price at rm32.90.

This was written new on the menu hence we decided to try this.Good.There were lots of mussels,no matter the big ones or the small ones and lots of prawns.The prawns are so fresh that u feel the crunchiness due to the freshness of the prawns.Thumbs up !!

Chicken Cacciatore, price at rm38.90

our 2nd main dish, also a brand new item on the menu which the waitress recommend us to try.its grilled chicken simmered with thick tomato wine sauce.YEAH , i LOVE the sauce and the potatoes.its written in the menu its rosemary potatoes.

After this 2 dish, we are already stuffed but i still wan to try the cheesecake recommended by my friend.So i say if ur cant finish it i will finish it by myself and wen the cake my heart i was thinkin,OMG its big ...

NY Strawberry Cheesecake, price at rm12.90

This is a must try cheesecake.i think 3 person can share this one slice.i like the strawberry sauce.its so fresh with so many strawberries.and the cheesecake dipped into the strawberry sauce..oohh..tat kind of feeling send u straight to heaven !!and the best part,its not very sweet.oohh..i m missing it soo much but if i going to italiannies again i wan to try thr cappuccino pie. ( i heard its great too).will upload photos of us later !!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

J&Co Donuts,Pavillion

Yesterday,my colleague decided to have our lunch at the newly open shopping centre,PAVILLION. first thing that came into my mind was J&Co Donuts.heard lots of review bout it and comparison between Big Apple Donuts and J&Co Donuts and arguements like who was the original one but doeant matter much to me as long as it is tasty.
Firstly, lunch is at Nando's and after lunch we headed straight to J&Co Donuts and i the "so-called-gila-donut-fan" bought 2 dozens...i think i reli have gone crazee oredi..

look in the total amount of donuts me n my colleagues bought.

Conclusion, i find it too sweet for my liking.


Thursday, October 4, 2007


Let's support the peaceful revolution in Burma. everyone single person on the earth deserves peace no matter wat race or where they live at. this banner is goin to stay in My Blog to support "Free Burma "

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Big Apple Donuts, The Curve

i have heard lots of review about Big Apple Donuts and at last i myself get to taste it and i fell in love with it immediately.i m so addicted to the Donuts now and i have been eating Big Apple Donuts 3 days in a row from Monday...(i feel so bloated now..thanks to the donuts )

i personally prefer Big Apple Donuts to Dunkin Donuts.Big Apple Donuts texture are so much softer and not so sweet. I'll let my pics do the talking..

Monday, October 1, 2007

Purple Cane Restaurant, Shaw Parade

last week we went to Purple Cane Restaurant at Shaw Parade for lunch.As we heard all the dishes at Purple Cane are based on tea.They use different kinds of tea for their dishes.

we ordered a teapot of "pu er" price at rm1.80 per person.

i ordered a fried mee hoon homemade style with tea milk

my colleague ordered tea rice with simmered chicken in black tea

another colleague of mine ordered spiced noodle sze chuan style in black tea i personally love the food here as the food served are not very oily and i dont feel thirsty after having lunch here.( ppl used to say that if u feel very thirsty after eating something means that the food has high content of ajimonoto) and the price here is very reasonable. Will definitely come bac again to try other food on the menu.