Wednesday, October 10, 2007

J&Co Donuts,Pavillion

Yesterday,my colleague decided to have our lunch at the newly open shopping centre,PAVILLION. first thing that came into my mind was J&Co Donuts.heard lots of review bout it and comparison between Big Apple Donuts and J&Co Donuts and arguements like who was the original one but doeant matter much to me as long as it is tasty.
Firstly, lunch is at Nando's and after lunch we headed straight to J&Co Donuts and i the "so-called-gila-donut-fan" bought 2 dozens...i think i reli have gone crazee oredi..

look in the total amount of donuts me n my colleagues bought.

Conclusion, i find it too sweet for my liking.



★~gEnShIoLeS~★ said...

Haha...Apple like to eat Apple donuts...

ahCheo said...

Yeah... I found J.Co is too sweet too!!! Last Thursday, I went to J.Co grabbed another 1 dozen, then Friday I went to Big Apple, grabbed another dozen there. I did my comparison, Big Apple is WAY BETTER!!!