Thursday, October 11, 2007

Italiannies,The Curve

i m suppose to blog about tony's roma but i left the pics at home so i have decided to blog bout Italiannies at The Curve.

We were there last weekend to celebrate one of the jimuis burfday.but at the end out of 7 oni 3 make it but liching and her fiancee manage to join us at little penang for a short but very talkative gathering as the 3 of us ask her questions non-stop in regards to her upcoming wedding in november.

Back to food.Since they were oni 3 of us so only order 2 main dish and a dessert ( i ate 3 quarter of the dessert..hehe..its soooooo DELICIOUS !! )

this is a complimentary from Italiannies.Its is given to each table before we start ordering.I just love the plain bread dipped into the tuscany olive oil and vinegar.

Seafood Cioppino,price at rm32.90.

This was written new on the menu hence we decided to try this.Good.There were lots of mussels,no matter the big ones or the small ones and lots of prawns.The prawns are so fresh that u feel the crunchiness due to the freshness of the prawns.Thumbs up !!

Chicken Cacciatore, price at rm38.90

our 2nd main dish, also a brand new item on the menu which the waitress recommend us to try.its grilled chicken simmered with thick tomato wine sauce.YEAH , i LOVE the sauce and the potatoes.its written in the menu its rosemary potatoes.

After this 2 dish, we are already stuffed but i still wan to try the cheesecake recommended by my friend.So i say if ur cant finish it i will finish it by myself and wen the cake my heart i was thinkin,OMG its big ...

NY Strawberry Cheesecake, price at rm12.90

This is a must try cheesecake.i think 3 person can share this one slice.i like the strawberry sauce.its so fresh with so many strawberries.and the cheesecake dipped into the strawberry sauce..oohh..tat kind of feeling send u straight to heaven !!and the best part,its not very sweet.oohh..i m missing it soo much but if i going to italiannies again i wan to try thr cappuccino pie. ( i heard its great too).will upload photos of us later !!

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