Friday, November 30, 2007

hapy day..coz i bought stuff i favourite skincare..KOSE
my colleague told me they will be having a warehouse sales and ask me to see at this website name .
this website shows a variety of warehouse sale..
if u happen to be free, just drop by the website n see if they are any warehouse sales that suit u.
hope u find something that suits u !!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chocolate Treats, Secret Recipe

As i promise, this was yien's burfday cake this looks like a kiddy cake coz of the M&M's but its delicious..but i find it too sweet after a few bites. This cake is oso under the celebrity section so at the same time wen i m celebrating a burfday i m doing my small part for charity..

BUT ,most important is that the burfday gal "heart" this lately if u r craving for something reli sweet, do give it a try..

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Plus 1 Shabu Shabu, 1U ( New Wing,Rainforest)

it was yien's burfday last sunday so we as roomates and housemates decided to go to 1U to try out this new shabu shabu restaurant name PLUS 1 SHABU SHABU located next to BAR-B-Q Plaza.They were 5 of us, so each of us ordered different set which are chicken set, fillet set, mutton set, sirloin set and pork set.each of this set cost rm18.90. they do have the normal set which is price at rm15.90 but since all of us are big eaters so we ordered the set which comes with extra meat..

Drinks are self service and they have self service appetizers as well and they have 10 different kind of sauces for u to choose from

orange juice

4 available appetizers

i personally love the crunchy "fu chuk" and the big taugeh...

(left) mince beef sauce (right) thai style chilli sauce

(left) HK stlye chilli - my favourite sauce among all (right)taiwan style satay sauce

*din manage to capture all the sauce but HK style chilli sauce is my personal favourite.The rest i find it ok ok only.

my brother ordered this "white fungus with banana soup" .Tasted very good.

the burfday gal ordered the fish soup base and it comes with generous amounts of fish.Thumbs up !!

my roomate ordered this salted vege soup and look at the pic, it comes with generous amount of tomatoes, "fu chuk" and salted vege

my cousin bro ordered miso soup base

i had the special soup of the week.~ beef & tomato soup~

since i ordered set so i have to add extra rm4.but let me tell u,its worth is as the soup is sooooooo nice !!!!! Definitely has my vote as the best soup !!

pork slices that comes with the pork set. GOOD !!

slices of Chicken

sliced of beef.this was very fresh.i HEART this.u just have to cook it a while in ur boiling soup and it done. I JUST HEART THIS !!


oopps..i forgot to take a pic of the slices of mutton.its darn fresh too.. GOOD !! i just love the food here.and not to forget all this comes with a mix set of vege, crab stick, mushroom, fish balls, yee mee and prawn

look at all the food on our table..and we finish everything.not even a single piece of vege is left and lastly a pic of 5 of us

"hapy burfday yien" i hope u had a great burfday this year !

* will post later bout the cake we bought.stay tune !

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chocolate Strawberry, Secret Recipe

this afternooon suddenly i was craving for strawberry cake so i went to the nearest Secret Recipe to try out the chocolate strawberry cake under the celebrity selection.If you purchase cakes by the celebrity selection they wil donate certain percentage amount to certain organisation.each diff cake represents diff organisation. If i did not remember wrongly, chocolate strawberry was made by carmen soo & amber chia (pls correct me ifi m wrong,thanks ! )

So pls do our part to help those in need and at the same time to cure my cravings...PERFECT !!

chocolate strawberry

i love the generous amount of strawberries.the combination of chocolate and strawberry is jus perfect..this cake has my vote !!! and the most important is that its not too sweet.

Do give it a try and do our part in helping those in need.

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tag 7

I got tagged by LesLy.

Seven things to be done before my death
Be a billionaire.
To slim down.
Get married
To have 4 kids
Travel to most of the beaches (eyeing Caribbean island..wink**)
Own a business.
Own my cafe - POTATOES CAFE

Seven things I will not do even if it kills me
Being a bitch
Destroy other ppl relationship
Get myself into troubles
Commit suicide
To betray my friends
To give up my studies
To give up my family

Seven things I do when I’m away from public
Being messy.
Watching TVB series non stop
Blog hopping
Reading books by Adeline Yen Mah
Sleep like a pig
Nag everyone at home non stop

Seven fav sentences/quotes/expressions
Huh ???
Anything la...
Sek jiu la..
Want meh...
U like la..

Seven songs
Utada Hikaru - Flavour of Life
Celine Dion - Immortality
Faith Hill - Breathe
Donna Lewis - At the Beginning
Boyzone - When u say Nothing At all
Selena - Dreaming of u
Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up

Seven people to tag
anyone who feels like doing it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Little Vietnam, Midvalley

*Just a short post

Was at midvalley on one of the weekend to catch a movie "brothers".Thanks to my colleague for the complimentary tickets. we were early before the show time therefore we decided to go for some light snacks before the movie starts. We picked Little Vietnam as its nearby

my favourite dish

Not much comments bout the food here but its a place i love hanging at.We actually ordered 2 bowls of noodle but i was way too hungry and forgot to take pics of it. i brought my mom and grandma here last month wen she was in KL and she enjoyed the food here too...

*i forgot the name of the dishes..sorry..will update it next time once i get the names.

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dome, Midvalley

Went to Midvalley today with my roomate for shopping(again), i had done heaps of shopping this month on bags,shoes(i bought 6 pairs this mth..),my facial stuff and is never enough for girls..its a neverending thing..will write a blog on stuff i bought this month later..

this afternoon we decided to eat at Dome before the journey of shopping begins.I guess my last visit to Dome was about 2 years ago as i don't adore the food much but me and my roomate decided to give it another try.

cranberry cooler - cranberry juice, apple juice & sprite ~ price at rm9.00

hot chocolate - a shot of Dome drinking chocolate topped up with gently steamed milk,dusted with chocolate ~ price at rm10.00(regular)

catch of the day - grilled fillet of fish,marinated with cajun, cumin & lemon juice.Served with sauteed vegetables, buttered rice and joinville sauce ~ price at rm24.50

potato wedges - chunky chips served with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream ~ price at rm8.50

chocolate mousse cake - chocolate mousse between layers of chocolate fudge cake.covered in a rich chocolate ganache and hazelnut praline ~ price at rm13.00

mega chocolate chip - home style chocolate cookie with chocolate chips, half dipped in rich chocolate ~ price at rm4.95

Overall, we don't pretty like the food here.Still pretty much the same compare to my last visit but i think the portion got slightly smaller.just my personal opinion, the "catch of the day" which we order was pretty dissapointing, but the chocolate mousse cake has both our it is "really" chocolate..guess it will not be a place whr we will choose to hang out often.

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Liching's wedding dinner 03rd Nov.2007

*picture heavy post*

liching's wedding dinner was held at Hee Loi Ten in Serdang..(is the name of the restaurant correct ?correct me if i m wrong.TQ)we were late for the dinner but was so glad tat we did not lost our way..(thanks to joyce for showing the way..or else i think i will get lost at duno where..)

so hapy and glad to see liching and her husband..

our "dai ka jie" is so pretty..

here are some pics to share with all of u from the dinner

(forgot to take pics for the food...sorry..)

pictures with our lovely "dai ka jie" and bridegroomit will be picture perfect if rachel is here...rachel when are u coming bac ah???

to my dearest dai ka jie,

may u have a blissful, wonderful, hapy, beautiful marriage.u wil alwiz be our jimui and our lovely "dai ka jie"

from the jimuis

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tasty Pot Chinese Buffet Steamboat , Sunway

i m such a lazy bee..alwiz posting outdated post.will try to be more hardworking.

had a dinner outing with my colleague . at first we wanted to go for YUEN Steamboat but to find it close when one of our fren who arrived early inform us.last minute decision we went to the one opposite YUEN Steamboat name Tasty Pot Chinese Buffet Steamboat.(its at the row of new shoplots opposite YUEN) .Basically not much difference from YUEN Steamboat just that they offer 6 different types of soup base. soya,soya curry,tomyam, "ma lat ",herbal and the normal plain soup base. YEAH, they have the normal soya that we use to drink as soup base.they were 10 of us so we opted for 4 diff soup base which is herbal, tomyam, "ma lat " and plain soup base. none of us wanted to try the soya soup base and the soya curry..The buffet steamboat is priced at rm19.90 per person.

nothing to complain and nothing to shout about the food here but i LOVE the chicken wings here compare to YUEN.Its more crispy. i am a steamboat lover so definitely will come bac here once a while...when i crave for steamboat.

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)