Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Plus 1 Shabu Shabu, 1U ( New Wing,Rainforest)

it was yien's burfday last sunday so we as roomates and housemates decided to go to 1U to try out this new shabu shabu restaurant name PLUS 1 SHABU SHABU located next to BAR-B-Q Plaza.They were 5 of us, so each of us ordered different set which are chicken set, fillet set, mutton set, sirloin set and pork set.each of this set cost rm18.90. they do have the normal set which is price at rm15.90 but since all of us are big eaters so we ordered the set which comes with extra meat..

Drinks are self service and they have self service appetizers as well and they have 10 different kind of sauces for u to choose from

orange juice

4 available appetizers

i personally love the crunchy "fu chuk" and the big taugeh...

(left) mince beef sauce (right) thai style chilli sauce

(left) HK stlye chilli - my favourite sauce among all (right)taiwan style satay sauce

*din manage to capture all the sauce but HK style chilli sauce is my personal favourite.The rest i find it ok ok only.

my brother ordered this "white fungus with banana soup" .Tasted very good.

the burfday gal ordered the fish soup base and it comes with generous amounts of fish.Thumbs up !!

my roomate ordered this salted vege soup and look at the pic, it comes with generous amount of tomatoes, "fu chuk" and salted vege

my cousin bro ordered miso soup base

i had the special soup of the week.~ beef & tomato soup~

since i ordered set so i have to add extra rm4.but let me tell u,its worth is as the soup is sooooooo nice !!!!! Definitely has my vote as the best soup !!

pork slices that comes with the pork set. GOOD !!

slices of Chicken

sliced of beef.this was very fresh.i HEART this.u just have to cook it a while in ur boiling soup and it done. I JUST HEART THIS !!


oopps..i forgot to take a pic of the slices of mutton.its darn fresh too.. GOOD !! i just love the food here.and not to forget all this comes with a mix set of vege, crab stick, mushroom, fish balls, yee mee and prawn

look at all the food on our table..and we finish everything.not even a single piece of vege is left and lastly a pic of 5 of us

"hapy burfday yien" i hope u had a great burfday this year !

* will post later bout the cake we bought.stay tune !

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and tastebuds.it maybe different for others.thx.no offence ;)

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