Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ho Weng Kee, SS2

THAIPUSAM, another public holiday in Malaysia. At first it was only for Selangor state but then later it was announced that it was a public holiday for KL and Putrajaya as well..

so went to PJ to look for Joyce, by that time it was already lunch time so Joyce brought me to this famous place for "wan ton mee" in SS2. I guess all the SS2 folks knows which restaurant i m talkin about.. Yes, i m talking bout Ho Weng Kee in SS2. wasnt my first visit there, indeed my 2nd visit. On my first visit, i orderd "wan ton mee" with chicken feet but Joyce told me they are famous for their "wan ton mee" with beef so i say ok..and we ordered a bowl of "sui gao" as it is a must order item !!

I love the "wan ton mee".I miss the "sui gao"...

it is packed with people during lunch time..do give this place a try when u r at SS2 and have no idea of wat to eat !!

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and tastebuds.it maybe different for others.thx.no offence ;)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

ML Annual Dinner - 19th January 2008

19th January was Macro Lynx annual dinner.was held at Screaming Bananas at Phileo Damansara I . Theme of the night was fine dress but most of them dress casually..

arrive thr around 6.30pm together with wilson and rick. shift all the lucky draw gifts to 2nd floor where we had our own private area. I like the decoration of the night.

Dinner was suppose to start at 7pm but due to heavy rain mostly were late. While waiting for everyone to arrive, those who has arrived can have appetizers first. When everyone arrived it was almost 8.30pm.

Firstly, Rick gave a short n simple speech, after that dinner officially started and at about 9.30 we started our games session..24 person were divided into 4 groups and games were divided into 3 rounds. Lots of laughter during the games session..After the 2nd game, Wilson told me Hong ( our sponsor of the night was about to leave, so be divide our lucky draw into 2 rounds,i say ok ! ) After that, we continue with our final game, but since there was a tie between group 2 and group 4 we had round 4 and at the end group 2 emerge as winner !!

Continue with 2nd round of lucky draw by Rick..after that , we announced the most outstanding dress and best female n male dressed of the night....( pics later will show who r the winners ! )

After that, dinner officially ended, a few of us toss with red wine and wishes everyone the best of everything !! but thats not the end yet, our gang went over to TTDI for 2nd round, dun recall the name of the place that we went too.. about 10 of us. Ordered a bottle of Chivas and we finished it real fast...Jason came slightly later to join us, n everyone told me i was very funny that night and i even took off my shoes...1 of my colleague told me i m very talkative after drinking...i forgot wat time we left TTDI, after that went to mamak nearby..i was oredi very sleepy n heavy headache but the stubborn me insist of driving home myself, so i drove home myself but i just follow my instincts n drive..( thank god i manage to reach home..thanks to Cher who followed behind me )

the sales team

the network team

the customer service team

most outstanding dress ~ cher

best male dress ~ sugu

best female dress ~ rachel

group 2 ~ winning group for games

rachel n me ~ photographer of the nite cum best female dress

rachel, carmen n apple

apple n charming carmen

apple n ray

lee n apple


~i just simply love this pic ~

I hope everyone had heaps of fun sa much i do !!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Unorganised !!

i felt so unorganised lately..
everything seem so messy..life, work,studies ............
Its just like in a short period of time, many things happen...
did i not handle it well enough, or i m not mature enough to handle myself when it involves my emotions ? m i too emotional ? or too soft ? i do need some space to sort out things n figure out wat i wan to do and wat i could do ........

i alwiz have thought i could handle watever that happens to me becoz i belive everything happens for a reason and definitely i gain more than i lose in every thing that has happen...but lately things dun seem to be smooth sailing..everything seem so stuck up now !!

i m feeling so guilty now...ppl told me i din ask for it to happen, BUT .....now this whole guilty feeling is taking over me...wat can i do to reduce this guilty thingy...

i m not blaming anyone for watever that has happen...bcoz i m goin to go thru it !!
i definitely will be able to come over this !! this is just another very small matter...
as long as i know wat i m doing...everything will be fine !!

n of course not to forget to those who are alwiz so willing to lend their ears to me and alwiz advicing me... ( i hope u guys know who u r...) thank u so much for all your patience and tolerance towards me.

i mus get back on track n focus to do wat i wan to do..listen to my heart !
i do know that i m getting lazy with my gym sessions nowadays, instead of sweating at the gym, my butt is sitting confortably at restaurants for heavy dinners...indulging in the comfortness of food...

applesiew..after writing this,put behind everything tat makes u moody and unhappy !! look infront, lots of things are waiting for u to explore and see..the path is stil a long way to go, this is part n parcel of life..this is where i m learning to grow...CHEER UP APPLE SIEW !!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chopstik Noodle House, Midvalley

Last Friday night, was at midvalley with my colleagues because they were some items that we have to buy for our company annual dinner on sat nite ( will definitely blog later bout my company's annual dinner )..

First, is to get a hamper for the person who is going to sponsor our dinner. First stop, JUSCO supermarket, was a bit undecisive which hamper to choose, end up buying a basket hamper which contains a bottle of red wine. Hamper purchasing DONE !! it was already 9 plus n my colleague say we better go for dinner first, i say ok but clueless of whr to eat n he suggest Chopstik Noodle House, so i called Rachel n told her whr and off we went to Chopstik Noodle House. It is situated at The Boulevard, roughly next to Oh Sushi !

some longan tong sui but i forgot the full name

i forgot the name of this too...

HK style fried bihun - taste wise , ok and its not too oily

i think its the dry version n "char siu" wan ton mee

the sweet n sour pork rice that my colleague's friend ordered.oops, forget to ask him, how was it

the "sui gao" my colleague ordered for sharing BUT i din manage to try due to some circumstances !!

Overall, i think the food here are ok. Will make sure i come bac n try other food here. They do have a variety of food to choose from and they have dimsum too,but because we were there around 9plus most of the food were sold out ! anyway, my colleague footed the bill..THANKS LEE !!

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and tastebuds.it maybe different for others.thx.no offence ;)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Starbucks, The Gardens

went shopping with joyce one weekend at midvalley and after midvalley we went to the gardens becoz we wanted to go to isetan n becoz isetan has the brand i love "m'phosis" . . .

enough of shopping..both of us were pretty tired n joyce suggest we find a place to sit down n have a drink..and we went to starbucks.

Joyce had their signature hot chocolate n i tried their new drink, green tea latte.

signature hot chocolate

green tea latte ~ i find the green tea aroma a bit too strong. It tasted like too much of green tea powder has been added to the latte

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and tastebuds.it maybe different for others.thx.no offence ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bowling & K-session

continue from my previous post..

right after our dinner at iZZi, Bukit Bintang, we headed to Times Square for bowling...

i think i m the worst player among all my colleagues...but thanks to Rachel who taught me some skills on how to bowl better.. i'll try to bowl better next time ;)

a picture of me and the sweet couple, jason & rachel(both are great bowlers)

After bowling, k-session at Sg.Wang.
At Green box, my colleague secretly ordered a cake to surprise Rachel and the cake happen to come in when we were all taking turns to sing a diff part in the song 勁歌金曲 by Leo Ku.

the surprise burfday cake

the "crazee" bunch of colleagues

lastly, the sweet couple, Rachel & Jason

At the end, i guess everyone was darn tired but i had heaps of fun n i hope the rest of them had heaps of fun too..and of course, hopefully the burfday gal had fun the whole nite..from dinner to bowling to midnite k-session.......

Hey my dear colleagues,

Its my pleasure to know all of u. I never had a bunch of crazee colleagues whr we can hang out like this before thus i appreaciate our friendship a lot and hope that we remain close in hearts if by one day all of us r not working together anymore. I LOVE U ALL !! and not forgetting to wish the burfday gal, Rachel..all the best in year 2008. May wealth n health alwiz be with u !!


Monday, January 14, 2008

iZZi , Bukit Bintang

Last wednesday, we, the crazee colleagues plan to celebrate Rachel's burfday in advance. Since Thursday will be public holiday...we can hang out later without worrying tat we need to wake up early the next day and go to work.

Initial plan was to go for dinner then movie but not much choices of movies so we decided to go for either bowling or k-session.....

At the end, we went for both bowling & k-session...in Rachel's blog she mention she never had a bunch of crazee colleagues like us...BUT i m sure we are all very glad to be able to find such colleagues..( i personally m very hapy tat i have a bunch of colleagues whr we can hang out n do crazee outings together..haha )

Dinner was at iZZi, Bukit Bintang.

hot chocolate ~ price at rm8.80

pink guava juice ~ price at rm9.80

coke / ice lemon tea ( refillable ) ~ price at rm7.90

iZZi Classico ( regular ) ~ price at rm23.30. This has beef. This was recommended by the waiter as it was claim as Izzi'z specialty pizza.

Pollo Tropocale Pizza ( regular ) ~ price at rm25.30. It has smoked chicken,mushroom,red bell pepper,pineapple,garlic oil,dried chilli,mozarella cheese and tomato.

Marinara Pizza ( large ) ~ price at rm36.80. It has shrimp, mussels, roasted garlic, chilli, mozarella cheese and tomato. I think this pizza tasted a bit weird, maybe due to the mussels.

caesar salad ( full portion ) without chicken ~ price at rm15.80

Prawn Linguine Garlic Chilli ~ price at rm19.80. The picture says it all. Look at the generous serving of prawns..but tastewise, i find it ok only.

Fettucini Con Funghi ~ price at rm18.80

Sphagetti Carbonara ~ price at rm15.80. If u r a cheese lover, u'll love this.

Chicken Steak with Pasta ~ price at rm22.80.

iZZi Chicken Wing -original spicy ~ price at rm12.80

iZZi Chicken Wing - in BBQ sauce ~ price at rm12.80

I saw their range of dessert on display but all 8 of us were way too full for the dessert. So i tell myself i definitely will come back to try the dessert.

Overall, food here taste not bad BUT its the companionship that makes up everything...Great companionship + laughter alwiz makes food taste better..

Stay tune for my bowling n k-session post !

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and tastebuds.it maybe different for others.thx.no offence ;)

Friday, January 11, 2008


Was at midvalley last weekend. Gym session together with joyce first den makan.
After gym, i have this craving to eat at Codo and joyce has no comment..and this time i brought my camera along, so clearer pics of food from Codo

Ice lemon tea ~ price at rm3.80

combination of apple,lime and starfruit juice ~ price at rm6.90

spicy beef hue tiau~ my favourite - price at rm14.00

i forgot the name of this dish but its marinated beef. love the taste of this rice..good good !! ~ price at rm9.00

my all time favourite - but i dont remember the actual name of this...

its some fried thing with mango n crab stick - tastewise, nothing much to shout about.just some normal fried food.

Lastly, a pic of joyce n apple.

Overall, i love the food at this place especially their spicy beef hue tiau and the marinated beef rice that joyce ordered. Definitely a place i would recommend if u r craving for Vietnam food.

CODO is located at 3rd floor in Midvalley. It is located opposite Studio R and above of Little Vietnam.

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and tastebuds.it maybe different for others.thx.no offence ;)