Monday, January 14, 2008

iZZi , Bukit Bintang

Last wednesday, we, the crazee colleagues plan to celebrate Rachel's burfday in advance. Since Thursday will be public holiday...we can hang out later without worrying tat we need to wake up early the next day and go to work.

Initial plan was to go for dinner then movie but not much choices of movies so we decided to go for either bowling or k-session.....

At the end, we went for both bowling & Rachel's blog she mention she never had a bunch of crazee colleagues like us...BUT i m sure we are all very glad to be able to find such colleagues..( i personally m very hapy tat i have a bunch of colleagues whr we can hang out n do crazee outings together..haha )

Dinner was at iZZi, Bukit Bintang.

hot chocolate ~ price at rm8.80

pink guava juice ~ price at rm9.80

coke / ice lemon tea ( refillable ) ~ price at rm7.90

iZZi Classico ( regular ) ~ price at rm23.30. This has beef. This was recommended by the waiter as it was claim as Izzi'z specialty pizza.

Pollo Tropocale Pizza ( regular ) ~ price at rm25.30. It has smoked chicken,mushroom,red bell pepper,pineapple,garlic oil,dried chilli,mozarella cheese and tomato.

Marinara Pizza ( large ) ~ price at rm36.80. It has shrimp, mussels, roasted garlic, chilli, mozarella cheese and tomato. I think this pizza tasted a bit weird, maybe due to the mussels.

caesar salad ( full portion ) without chicken ~ price at rm15.80

Prawn Linguine Garlic Chilli ~ price at rm19.80. The picture says it all. Look at the generous serving of prawns..but tastewise, i find it ok only.

Fettucini Con Funghi ~ price at rm18.80

Sphagetti Carbonara ~ price at rm15.80. If u r a cheese lover, u'll love this.

Chicken Steak with Pasta ~ price at rm22.80.

iZZi Chicken Wing -original spicy ~ price at rm12.80

iZZi Chicken Wing - in BBQ sauce ~ price at rm12.80

I saw their range of dessert on display but all 8 of us were way too full for the dessert. So i tell myself i definitely will come back to try the dessert.

Overall, food here taste not bad BUT its the companionship that makes up everything...Great companionship + laughter alwiz makes food taste better..

Stay tune for my bowling n k-session post !

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)


ahCheo said...

Yii... now only I realise my hot choc is RM8.80... you haven't send me to bill yet wor...

sweetmei said...

Once i've gathering there also.Its real cozy place n the food real good especially d dessert yummy :)Waw thats real cool pic makes me craving for it..IZZI here i come..hehehe

ahCheo said...

i'm very hungry...

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