Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bowling & K-session

continue from my previous post..

right after our dinner at iZZi, Bukit Bintang, we headed to Times Square for bowling...

i think i m the worst player among all my colleagues...but thanks to Rachel who taught me some skills on how to bowl better.. i'll try to bowl better next time ;)

a picture of me and the sweet couple, jason & rachel(both are great bowlers)

After bowling, k-session at Sg.Wang.
At Green box, my colleague secretly ordered a cake to surprise Rachel and the cake happen to come in when we were all taking turns to sing a diff part in the song 勁歌金曲 by Leo Ku.

the surprise burfday cake

the "crazee" bunch of colleagues

lastly, the sweet couple, Rachel & Jason

At the end, i guess everyone was darn tired but i had heaps of fun n i hope the rest of them had heaps of fun too..and of course, hopefully the burfday gal had fun the whole nite..from dinner to bowling to midnite k-session.......

Hey my dear colleagues,

Its my pleasure to know all of u. I never had a bunch of crazee colleagues whr we can hang out like this before thus i appreaciate our friendship a lot and hope that we remain close in hearts if by one day all of us r not working together anymore. I LOVE U ALL !! and not forgetting to wish the burfday gal, Rachel..all the best in year 2008. May wealth n health alwiz be with u !!



ahCheo said...

hey... I read your blog today... sorry again late...hehhe!

Thanks for the wishes.

Apple, nice knowing you such a kind and simple person. We will definitely not working together one day... life going on with busy schedule and aims...

nevertheless... friends are still friends... thanks for being friend... don't get drunk too frequent wor! hehehhe... hope you recover soon!!

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