Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chopstik Noodle House, Midvalley

Last Friday night, was at midvalley with my colleagues because they were some items that we have to buy for our company annual dinner on sat nite ( will definitely blog later bout my company's annual dinner )..

First, is to get a hamper for the person who is going to sponsor our dinner. First stop, JUSCO supermarket, was a bit undecisive which hamper to choose, end up buying a basket hamper which contains a bottle of red wine. Hamper purchasing DONE !! it was already 9 plus n my colleague say we better go for dinner first, i say ok but clueless of whr to eat n he suggest Chopstik Noodle House, so i called Rachel n told her whr and off we went to Chopstik Noodle House. It is situated at The Boulevard, roughly next to Oh Sushi !

some longan tong sui but i forgot the full name

i forgot the name of this too...

HK style fried bihun - taste wise , ok and its not too oily

i think its the dry version n "char siu" wan ton mee

the sweet n sour pork rice that my colleague's friend ordered.oops, forget to ask him, how was it

the "sui gao" my colleague ordered for sharing BUT i din manage to try due to some circumstances !!

Overall, i think the food here are ok. Will make sure i come bac n try other food here. They do have a variety of food to choose from and they have dimsum too,but because we were there around 9plus most of the food were sold out ! anyway, my colleague footed the bill..THANKS LEE !!

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)


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