Saturday, January 26, 2008

ML Annual Dinner - 19th January 2008

19th January was Macro Lynx annual dinner.was held at Screaming Bananas at Phileo Damansara I . Theme of the night was fine dress but most of them dress casually..

arrive thr around 6.30pm together with wilson and rick. shift all the lucky draw gifts to 2nd floor where we had our own private area. I like the decoration of the night.

Dinner was suppose to start at 7pm but due to heavy rain mostly were late. While waiting for everyone to arrive, those who has arrived can have appetizers first. When everyone arrived it was almost 8.30pm.

Firstly, Rick gave a short n simple speech, after that dinner officially started and at about 9.30 we started our games session..24 person were divided into 4 groups and games were divided into 3 rounds. Lots of laughter during the games session..After the 2nd game, Wilson told me Hong ( our sponsor of the night was about to leave, so be divide our lucky draw into 2 rounds,i say ok ! ) After that, we continue with our final game, but since there was a tie between group 2 and group 4 we had round 4 and at the end group 2 emerge as winner !!

Continue with 2nd round of lucky draw by Rick..after that , we announced the most outstanding dress and best female n male dressed of the night....( pics later will show who r the winners ! )

After that, dinner officially ended, a few of us toss with red wine and wishes everyone the best of everything !! but thats not the end yet, our gang went over to TTDI for 2nd round, dun recall the name of the place that we went too.. about 10 of us. Ordered a bottle of Chivas and we finished it real fast...Jason came slightly later to join us, n everyone told me i was very funny that night and i even took off my shoes...1 of my colleague told me i m very talkative after drinking...i forgot wat time we left TTDI, after that went to mamak nearby..i was oredi very sleepy n heavy headache but the stubborn me insist of driving home myself, so i drove home myself but i just follow my instincts n drive..( thank god i manage to reach home..thanks to Cher who followed behind me )

the sales team

the network team

the customer service team

most outstanding dress ~ cher

best male dress ~ sugu

best female dress ~ rachel

group 2 ~ winning group for games

rachel n me ~ photographer of the nite cum best female dress

rachel, carmen n apple

apple n charming carmen

apple n ray

lee n apple


~i just simply love this pic ~

I hope everyone had heaps of fun sa much i do !!


ahCheo said...

Pai seh pai seh... the best dress should go to other people... I was just little outstanding where all black that night only... BUT... I DONT WANT THAT OUTSTANDING PRESENT... I want voucher... kakakkaka

★~gEnShIoLeS~★ said...

I've been the restaurant before... The food there quite nice actually...

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