Monday, October 15, 2007

Delicious, Bangsar Village II

how was everyone's weekend ? i had a great one wif my mom,grandparents & cousins coming down to KL.they stayed at my uncle's place.on saturday night, grandma cook a sumptous meal at uncle's place..ooohh, i miss my grandma's food.on sunday night we had dinner at Delicious by Ms.Read at Bangsar Village II. (been wanted to try this place, thanks to my uncle for treating all of us ).there were 11 of us.

peach orange smoothies

oreo smoothies

lychee "plus"

smoked salmon angel hair - tossed in cream,served with caviar & parsley

traditional tornato spaghettini

spicy crab meat linguini - tossed with roasted cherry tomatoes & arugula,sprinkled with pinenuts

presenting to you my favourite pasta of the night "homemade pesto spaghettini"

pan-seared crispy skin salmon - served with coriander relish,asparagus & fried potatoes

seriously DELIcious cheeseburger - served with shoestring fries

duck confit cassoulet - with Veal sausages

chargrilled rack of lamb - (chilled) served with tunisian eggplant,mini yoghurt & fried potatoes

traditional braised oxtail in tomato sauce - served with garlic mashed potato

chargrilled sirloin steak - (300g chilled) served with bearnaise sauce,asparagus & fried potatoes

we had a great night.great family outing that i always enjoy.all these made the food even tastier.but i recommend the "duck confit cassoulet"to all of you who haven't been to "DELIcious" before and the pasta of the night.
all of us were very very full that we were not able to order dessert.i wanted so much to try "chocolicious sundae served with fresh strawberries" but my tummy wouldnt allow me too but no worries i definitely will come back and try the dessert.


Anonymous said...

omg!!damn delicious...makes my mouth water jus looking at it...i'm definately gonna try there...been wanting to for awhile but havent got d opportunity yet...thanks for d recommendation sis!!miss ya

bobo said...

Wah, the food look so delicious. If got time, we meet togather ya.. then remember bring me there.. hehe.. I will ask 2nd bro too..(actually ask him treat us).. haha.. Anyway, take care o..