Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Batu Caves

this is a very out dated post.

on one weekend i went to batu caves with yien,potato,koo zhai & froggy..so we left home at bout 9 plus am and went for breakfast nearby batu caves.we had porridge n fried noodles for breakfast..(oopss..forget to take pics coz we were very hungry but the porridge was very good to start the day)

after breakfast we went straight to batu caves..haha,when i look at the staircase i told them, i beta wait for your down here..i dun wan to climb that flight of stairs but they keep pesting me to go up with them..

n actually u only need about 15 to 20 minutes to go all the way up there,which is approximately 250 stepd n on the way up u get to see lots of cute monkey.

and it took us another 20 mins to come down..and what next ? eat again..froggy say he is goin to bring us to this place where the fried "tung fun" and fish head noodles are very good.

this place has no name.its is somewhere at the housing area off jalan ipoh.it is located in front of the temple at the housing area..the exact address i m not so sure..sorry..

fish head noodle with evaporated milk

there were generous with the ingredients.that include fried fish,fish cakes,salty vege,fishballs and cabbage.although i do not prefer fish head noodle with evaporated milk but this one is slightly diff..and we ordered the fish head noodle for 2 person and it came in such huge portion

fried "tung fun"

this one has my vote.also very generous with ingredients.lots of meat and we ordered for 2 person and its so huge that 5 of us were not able to finish it.( i would love this more if they did not add in the vege)

fried food

Lastly we ordered some fried food..great lunch with great friends.great companions always make food taste better...

sleepy d..nitez everyone..will update bout wat i did during the weekend..stay tune !

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