Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Caffe 1920, Bangsar Village I

mom came down to KL again the weekend after Raya coz Dad will be in KL for the weekend before he fly off again for business trip...(my dad flies frequently due to his job).Since dad wil be in KL so mom decided to come down last minute on Friday nite. I went to my uncle's place to pick up mom n dad for dinner at Saisaki together wif my bro and my cousin bro( but sorry no pics coz i already blog about it before..).Glad that my dad loves the food from Saisaki.He says it worth it.On Sat, mom n me went shopping again at Midvalley but din bought anything this time.For dinner, my uncle suggest to have it at Bangsar Village 1 and i get to choose which restaurant are we goin to eat at..haha..

I decide to have it at "Caffe 1920" located just opposite the Hong Kong style restaurant name "chatterbox".

Let me tell u that this is a place for watching football too and they are the "Liverpool" supporter.When we arrive at about 7 sumthing at night there werent many ppl but ppl start pouring in at about 8 something because there was a football match between Liverpool and "i-dunno-the-opponent-team. About 10 of us too this time so we decided to share among us so we get to taste all the food.

turkey ham & broccoli-price at rm14.90

pesto-price at rm11.90

one of their specialy pizza named "pizza bianca"

pizza extravaganza

seafood lasagna

i forgot the name of this lasagna but if u can take beef i recommend looks diff for a lasagna but it tasted not bad.worth a try .

honey roasted chicken

Basically i find the food here ok-ok.i guess its more of a place for liverpool fans to watch football and have drinks..

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preferences and tastebuds and maybe different for others. no offence !! thx ;)

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