Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chinoz On The Park, KLCC

been having quite a number of outings with my colleague lately...or should i say quite frequent lately....

after work, they decided to go to somewhere near our office, so we went to KLCC and end up at Chinoz on the Park.there were total of 5 of us. i love the environment of this place, and there were quite a lof of ppl, probably becoz its friday night.
ordered a jug of beer and some tit bits and some sushi........

complimentary bread and butter

forgot the name of the beans..cooked with chillis flakes.according to my colleague best to have it with beer

totally no idea wat is the name of this snack ~ sorry

soft shell crab temaki ~ rm12.00per piece

avocado dragon maki ~ deep fried jumbo prawn,mayo lettuce topped with avocado - price at rm33.00 ( my favourite of the night )

caesar salad - but the portion is real small compare to chillis. ooopss,forgot the price.....but i find it a bit too cheesy for my liking...and the funny thing is,there have a slice of salty fish on top of the salad.

chocolate tofle desert ~ price at rm18.00 ( i forgot the full name of the dessert ) but i heart this dessert..real chocolatey...

and my colleagues decided to order a tower of beer..( before we ordered this tower we already had 2 jug of beers.....)

definitely wil come back n try out the other food...the price here are above average or should i label them as pricey...i leave that for u to judge !!

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

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ahCheo said...

Kekeke.. the salted fish... I tell u... never in my life i put a one-inch salted fish into my mouth until that nite!!!!!!

Never eat a ceasar salad with salted fish also!!!!! Maybe I'm dai heong li...