Monday, December 31, 2007

goodbye 2007 & welcome 2008

its 31st.the last day of 2007 and wat i m doing ? i m blogging at home. i was supposed to be at boulevard hotel celebrating BUT i fall sick last minute..down with fever,vomit n bad it leaves me with no choice but to stay at home and recuperate !!

a lot has happened in 2007

first of all, i have been real sick a few times this in real bad.hopefully in 2008 my health gets beta.....

my ex-classmates baked me a burfday cake this year with lots of my favourite fruit on top of it ~ strawberries

i permed my hair in april but in june i cut my hair short till my ears and have been keeping it short till now..i m reli loving my short hair
my sabah trip was a successful one.i had a great time n great tan in sabah..( after sabah trip i was down with fever as high as 40degrees- price to pay for wen u tanned to much at 4 diff beaches) but no doubt its a trip tat i enjoyed so much ! looking for more beach trips in 2008

has been writing more about food on my blog..seems like it has changed to some sort of food blog but my intention is just to share with all of u food that i have tried...thank u to u peeps for taking ur precious time to view my blog and leave comments.

went to climb the flights of steps in batu caves

joined fitness centre together with my dear jimui and now hoping by 2008 i m able to loose more weight

got to know my colleagues beta ( can i say that?) been having a lot of outing lately with them and i enjoy each of the outing and hoping there is more to come in 2008

fell in love again without myself realising it until something happens.i thought i lost this kind of feeling but i never thought i could find it again.there is no progress and i doubt he knows it...

"dai ka jie" got married this year. the first among the jimuis to get married and the 6 of us are goin to be god-mom.. ( i cant wait.........)

i received my first bouquet of roses.i reli do love the roses but..............

tried the game "paintball" early this year with my colleagues and a few friends.. a game i enjoyed very much even though its very pain.

goin bac to studies in June 2008..this is one of the thing that i m reli looking forward too.......

i guess this are among the little things which i have done..i know its not any big achievements but i m satisfied and hope that i can achieved more in 2008 especially in my studies !

just wan to wish all of u good health, good wealth and may the year 2008 brings more luck for for all of us in watever we do. May it bring the best of luck to all my beloved family and my dearest friends

*jus random pics of wat i did in 2007

the cake my fren baked

paintball with colleagues n friends

batu caves with yien

sabah trip - mt.KK

sabah ~ karambunai

1st k-session with colleagues

"dai ka jie" wedding

2 of my favourite pic in 2007


Anonymous said...

yohuu... happy new year dear!! :-)

ahCheo said...

hmm, i think i didn't read your blog for almost 2 weeks plus :P what can i say... life before marry is full of events.. enjoy it!

2007 for me = hanler + work + study + DAMN UNPAID LEAVES

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