Friday, December 28, 2007

Munakata, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KL

After a sumptous lunch, me n my colleagues had a sumptous dinner as well on christmas eve before i meet my friends later on...None of us had try this place before...

Munakata is a Fine Dining Japanese Restaurant operating its business in a huge bungalow along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and if i did not remember wrongly its located next to a Tandoori Restaurant.

sake salmon & tobikko ~ price at rm8 per piece..( 4 piece x rm8 = rm32 ) - pricey huh ?? but i can tell u the sake salmon is soooo fresh !! i only can afford this once a year ..sob sob:(

i alwiz forget the name of this bean. EDAMAME ?? did i spell correctly ? can someone correct me if i m wrong ?? THANKS !! complimentary ~ RM0.00Tenzaru Soba ~ price at RM28.00 @ cold buckwheat noodles with a few tempura items. very filling.i cant even finish the noodles...( i mus get someone to share this with me next time !! )

Kaisen Nabeyaki Udon ~ price at rm35.00 @ my colleague say ok, not bad..

Yakiniku Jyu ~ price at rm40.00 @ comes with soup, rice and fruits.i tasted the beef...yeah !! i like !!

Unagi Kabayaki ~ price at rm45.00 @ if u order this with the rice set its price at RM60.00.i din taste the unagi but my colleague said ok !!

i like their cute !!

This place are places that i can only afford once in a few years as i m so poor...haha...I guess next time have to do some survey before goin again as it was our first time there, we actually din reli know wat was special there and dun reli know wat to order but i saw this teppanyaki session thr, maybe next time i can go try their teppanyaki.

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)


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Kekeke... Siong Che (Naik Kereta)...

U didn't take the photo of the sakae...

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