Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dragon - i , Pavillion

my 2nd time to dragon-i. this time with my colleagues. since it was christmas eve so we decided to have something nice and promise to be broke together on wednesday...( i was actually craving for "xiu long bao" )

so off we went to dragon-i located at pavillion...the whole lunch i was thinking whether i wan to que up for the donuts.....( in the end..i que but gave up halfway due to unforeseen circumstances )
6 of us altogether. decided to order dishes n rice instead of the usual ala carte.

tit bits ~ rm2.oo

must order xiu long bao ~ price at rm10 for 4. ( its more expensive by rm2 compare to the dragon-i at cititel ) stil my favourite !!

sauteed with mince garlic or poached Hong Kong Kai Lan - we had it the poached way and its written in the menu that the Kai Lan's are flew in daily from Hong Kong ~ rm18.00

Sichuan braised beancurd with minced meat and chilli sauce ~ price at rm14.00

Sauteed diced chicken with dried chillies ~ price at rm18.00. look at the amount of dried chillis.tasted a bit like the popcorn chicken from KFC but a bit too salty for my liking

Sauteed egg plant with minced meat ~ price at rm14.00. egg plant has alwiz been something i love very much !!

Cure my cravings for "xiu long bao" and thanks to my colleagues who are willing to go there to cure my cravings...AND MOST IMPORTANT...THANKS TO RACHEL FOR THE TREAT !!!

p/s : rachel, i owe u one !

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

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ahCheo said...

Really the menu written "Kai Lan's are flew in daily from Hong Kong"???

My Hongky friends brought his family to Msia few years back... they said they themselves don't even know Hong Kong got famous Kai Lan too...

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