Wednesday, September 26, 2007


i was at midvalley with of of my jimuis coz she wanted to buy a set of working suit.we went to almost all the places where working suits are available but she did not find anything that she wanted. at the end we went to Edmunser.well tat was her last resort as we thought it will be very expensive but it turn out tat the price was almost the same as G2000.and guess wat we were in there for like 15 minutes and she found the suit that she wanted.mission accomplished!! by then our leg were very tired and wanted to find a place to sit down n have a drink so we went to the cinema level and saw this new restaurant name ZEN.(i think is a subsidiary of Secret Recipe coz the cups they use were printed Secret Recipe..pls correct me if i m wrong..)i ordered ice lemon tea and my fren ordered a hot chocolate and we ordered a warm chocolate gateux,price at was reli warm n soft and i love the chocolate melting from inside.i think it will be beta to share it bcoz after the 2nd and 3rd bite i kind of find it very sweet.

warm chocolate gateux

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