Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ice Blended Mango Passionfruit,Starbucks

this is another outdated post,i was looking at the photographs tat i took n i realise i haven post about this new drink i tried in starbucks.
it was very hot afternoon tat day tat i decided to go n try this new drink.i personally love mango flavour stuff more so i decide to choose this ; ice blended mango passionfruit and a chicken pie.and guess wat,the minute i sat down at one corner in starbucks it started to rain heavily ;) i love to sit down at one corner , looking around at ppl and to read my the moment i m reading "For My Hands Only by Stephen Eng Huat Ling".its a true story about a little boy who grew up in poverty but never gives up his hopes and dreams.

oopss..back to the new starbucks drink, i find so so only,nothing to shout about.but the taste of the passionfruit has over power the mango taste and its too sweet for my liking.the chicken pie was nothing too special either.i wanted to order their apple crumble pie with ice cream but it wasnt available,toooo bad :(