Thursday, September 20, 2007

Food & Tea, Times Square

On one fine weekend, we went for karaoke session at Green Box,Sg.Wang and after tat we went over to Times Square to watch Rush Hour 3 and we have ample of time before the movie so we decided to go and have lunch but as usual we cant decide whr and my stomach is starting to cramp again..n its real pain this time so we decided to eat at Food & Tea bcoz its jus next to the cinema.(all i wanted at that time was just to sit down and have a cup of warm drink).

my brother ordered a red bean "tong sui" and i ordered a black tea with ginger plus 2 black sesame "tong yuen".my brother did not like the red bean "tong sui" as he complains its too thick and not much taste, as for mine,nothing special too.

black tea with ginger with 2 black sesame "tong yuen"

red bean "tong sui"

as for the food, nothing very special brother ordered some kind of bread with cheese and ham, i had chicken porridge, my frens had pork ribs rice, fish fillet with sphagetti and another fish porridge.

bread with cheese and ham

chicken porridge

fish fillet with sphagetti

pork ribs rice set (free "ma poh" taufu )

Overall i find the food here ok only,its like any other Hong Kong style restaurant but i just dont favour this one.Dont think will revisit this place in near future. anyway,the movie Rush Hour 3 was reli funny,its more of a comedy movie compare to action but the 5 of us had a great n tiring day !!

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