Monday, September 24, 2007

The Bamboo Noodle House,Jusco,Ipoh

i was back in ipoh last weekend.i had a great time wif my dearest family and frens and goin bac to ipoh means lots of eating to be done but i m goin to share something slightly diff this time instead of writing about "nga choi kai" .

we were at Jusco, Ipoh tat day and me and a few friends wanted something not too heavy for lunch so we decided to go to The Bamboo House located next to Maybank on 2nd floor.

There were 4 of us. We ordered a pot of chinese tea, 1 bowl of fish head mihun, korea style pork ribs and the crispy bean curd.
The fish head mihun was so delicious tat we finish up all the soup. There are lots of ingredients in the soup such as tomatoes,"ham choy", and lots of fish. GOOD !!

Fish Head Mihun

The Korean style pork ribs was delicious too.the taste was jus right and its very crispy.not too salty and not too sweet.

Korean style pork ribs

and tofu has alwiz been my favourite.this beancurd is very nice.i lurve it soo much.the texture is so soft and it is very fragant.its crispy outside and soft inside.

crispy bean curd

conclusion,the food was good and price was reasonable.

There are other food which we wanted to try but we wan to go and have ipoh white coffee so we will come back n try the Fish Head Curry and the Sambal Sotong. i heard its very delicious too.

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