Friday, September 7, 2007

Dinner At Chillis, KLCC

this is oso 1 of the very outdated post which i alwiz wanted to post. there are lots more blog but i think i wil take my own sweet time to upload 1 by 1.i think i m gettin lazy these days :)

on one night suddenly i decided to go for dinner at KLCC , Chillis so i suggested it to my roomates n my brother n cousin brother..all of them has no comment so i say lets we hurrily change and go. When we reach Chillis we have to wait for another half an hour before its our turn so we went n walk around at Isetan n return to Chillis half an hour later...haha...all of us are already very hungry.Since all of them have no idea wat to order so i made the decision. All of us ordered a cup of bottomless Fruit juice. For starters, we ordered

Triple Play.

after tat we ordered bottomless tortilla chips wif salsa sauce.( i personally adore Chillis salsa sauce)

after tat we had 3 different mains dishes to be shared among 5 of us. The portion served in Chillis are really big for not so huge eaters likes us so we order everything to be shared.

Lamb shoulder with Mash Potato

BBQ Chicken & Beef served with Chillis Homemade Sauce

Cajun Burger served with Traditional Fries

and lastly for dessert is Chocolate Molten Cake With Vanilla Ice Cream

Dinner was great. The lamb meat was so tender, beef meat was juicy and the burger is great( there are lots of fried onion in the burger..) and the chocolate molten is DELICIOUS !! and we were laughing our way thru thr dinner..thanks to my cousin's jokes..

I think this is my first food blog.Will try to write more bout wat i have tried before...

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