Thursday, August 30, 2007

30.08.07 hapy 50th burfday to Malaysia

i guess i have yet to update my last day of my sabah trip which was 3 months ago..i m too lazy n busy lately to update it but jus wan to wish malaysia a hapy 50th burfday !!
i love malaysia so much..the food, culture n people n the beaches !!

things are not so good lately..having some probs wif my bestest jimui..i guess i did too much assuming in our friendship or did i over estimate the bond of our friendship ? i duno whr this is taking me too..i m just hoping hard that things wil reli work out fine.

but lately i found a new song by utada hikaru named flavour of life .i just love this song.hope all of u enjoy this song as much as i do.

i will be back in ipoh for a long weekend.hope i feel emotionally beta once i come bac from ipoh next monday. my colleagues say i look like dead fish nowadays wen i come to work.

and here is to congrats my bestest jimui coz at last she found a beta paying job..i m reli so hapy for her..


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