Tuesday, June 26, 2007

6th & 7th day in Sabah, 24th & 25th May 07

on the 24th we didnt reli go anywhere..gina came n pick us up n we went to Wisma Merdeka for shopping but nothing much there..but i bought my mask there..(skin food rice mask)...then later on we went to Potato's house for dinner..and then her dad send us bac to Cyril's place..

on the 25th..we went for brunch somewhere near kaeseng's place but i couldnt remember the name..n we ate "char kuey tiau", spring chicken, a bit of dim sum n the most important we ate "wo tip"( rachel claim that sabah's "wo tip" is the best !!).we tried the fried one n the steam ones.personally i prefer the steam ones..after tat we were so full..

after that we went to Likas Square to buy some local nuts to bring bac to KL and i bought some Sabah Handmande Chocolate..den after tat we left for Karambunai..(hooray..another tanning at the beach !!)Karambunai is a luxury resort.If u prefer only beach holiday, i would say Karambunai would be a not bad place but personally i stil prefer manukan !!

after karambunai we went back to cyril's place n clean ourself up coz after all the salty sea water we are all so sticky.we did not join cyril n his parents for dinner bcoz gina is bringing us to this place name "upperstar" for dinner..i love that place..the atmosphere was good n the food there is not pricey..

so after we ordered wat we wanted. time for me n st to camwhore before the food arrives..haha

right after this pic was taken, our drinks arrived.me and estee shared a fresh fruit juice n a cocktail name "singapore sling" but i prefer the one from Singapore Airlines..

and next was the food we ordered.......
we reli enjoy ourselves there..the surroundings n the music was great..after dinner gina brought us to this place name little taiwan to drink "zhen zhu nai cha"..this is a bit diff bcoz they use tiny black pearls which is said to be originally imported from taiwan..(till today i stil mis little taiwan's drinks)
after hanging at "little taiwan" for about an hour gina sent us home..we were already very sleepy...took bath n went to bed coz kaeseng will be bringing us to this place name "menggatal" tomorrow...

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