Monday, June 18, 2007

5th day in Sabah , 23rd May 07

we woke up early too this morning coz we are goin to Pulau Manukan (the main purpose of this trip was to go to beaches)...kaeseng came n pick us up n go for breakfast n den to Jesselton Port to take a speed boat to Pulau will take about 25 minutes to arrive the Pulau from Jesselton Port..

the beach was so gorgeous..fell in love with it immediately..the seawater was so clear n u can see so many different fishes even at the shore...i was so feeling so hot due to the weather so right after putting on sun block, straight away "terjun" into the sea...gosh !! i stil remember how it felt...i jus couldnt find a word to describe the beauty of manukan...( me n my jimuis are beach freaks !!)

i wanted so much to snorkel n see how beauty are the fishes n corals but i was afraid n estee n the rest was like keep on asking me to go down n float but i resist coz i was think back of it now i felt funny, y at tat moment i was afraid to go down..after much persuasion i went wif yien..gosh !! its so beautiful..n the sea cucumbers are so cute !! i never seen a real living sea cucumber..and after tat we went further..i have never swim with fishes so near before in my life..they are just right infront of ur eyes..when u bring ur bread out..all the fishes will come to u..its experience n feeling tat i never will forget...its such an amazing words can decribe how i felt at tat time..(since we dont have a water proof camera we didnt take any pics..but they are all locked in my heart )

after that me and estee went for parasailing...the view was fantastic...yien went on the speed boat to help us take pics....the view of the sea from above = MARVELLOUS !! i wish i could have taken more pics but my digicam would not allow me too due to circumstances..(but i guarantee those pics are permanently locked our hearts)

after parasailing, went bac to the beach n tanned

itwas reli fun n i love manukan so much so much..(hoping to go back to the islands around manukan such as pulau sapi...)

we left at 5pm...something not so hapy happen wen we were to go back but its alright now n our bond grew stronger !!......come to think back of what happen was reli funny !!

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aN eViL DeViL said...

u bodoh.its kinda obvious tat me n kaeseng is lying d wan ma.but u sumore go terikut ikut wif our pattern.ish....haha....