Thursday, June 14, 2007

4th day in Sabah, 22nd March 07

we woke up early today bcoz kaeseng's dad is goin to bring us to National Park and after tat we will be goin to Poring's Hot Spring..kaeseng came to pick us up at 7am for breakfast n we had "kon lou mee" for breakfast..the taste of the noodles was good, i like it,their "kon lou mee" was a bit different from us..

after breakfast, we went bac to kaeseng's place to meet up wif his dad to start our journey to National Park,located at Kundasang,it will take about 1 and a half hour to reach,estee n yien are so excited in the car..and we reach this place name "Nabalu"..his dad stop by there to let us take some clearer view of Mt. KK and for us to buy some handmade souvenirs..n tat was whr we got a necklace for Mel..(hope she likes it)..

Nabalu is jus a stopover for us to take pics bcoz kaeseng's dad say when we reach National Park we wouldn't be able to see the mountain clearly becoz it would be covered up by the mist and it took us another half an hour before we reach National Park..the weather thr was so cooling compare to KK city..we jus love the weather there..

and this is the biggest "fake" rafflesia available in national park..after that we went to this hanging bridge..(damn i was bloordy scared wen i was crossing the bridge)..

and after tat went to "pondok timpohon"..the starting point to climb Mt.KK

later on we went to Poring's Hot, estee n yien had never been to a hot spring, we were pretty excited on how was it goin to be..and wen we arrive there it was pretty cute to see ppl soaking in tubs of hot water.....

at first the hot water was filling up real slow den kaeseng found this tube to connect from the other,estee n yien share a tub n kaeseng n his dad share a tub..we were having fun in was such a great time tat all of us had...i jus love my holiday in Sabah..

will be bac with beach pics on manukan.......stay tune !!

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