Friday, June 8, 2007

3rd day in Sabah , 21st May 07

on the 20th we did not go anywhere due to the fact that we were damn damn tired, and estee sprained her leg the night before therefore we stayed home for a day to rest but we had great lunch at home, cyril packed us this chicken rice from the shop name "Chicken Hut" but i forgetten to take some pics..but the chicken rice was great !! later around 3 we went to this famous place name "yo yo" for a drink but i find it ok ok oni n met up wif my cousin..(my cousin wen to sabah wif his friends too ).For dinner, cyril's mom n sister cook..the chicken wings was great and we had wine wif cyril's mom..

on the 21st, we had lunch at this restaurant name "Tu Long"at Warisan Square.(oops, by the way Warisan Square is a new shopping center in KK, they have Esprit, Padini Concept Store,Blay,Roxy, Charles n Keith..all the branded shops are there)back to the restaurant, the food there was so so..we tried the famous "xiu long bao" but the skin was very thick..not so good !!

we went to sutra harbour and tanjung aru...
lets start wif some pics from sutra harbour..we took pics in the toilet..the toilet was so cooling compare to the weather out we took a 5 mins nap at the sofa before camwhoring in front of the mirror...

later on we went to this beach name tanjung aru, we wanted to have coconut but none of the stalls are selling coconut instead all stalls are selling sugar cane..den at the last stall we found coconut drink so we ordered 3 cups but the coconut water taste like water wif sugar !! so dissapointed but the beach was beautiful..and they are lots of baby crabs.....and we caught a few baby crabs..

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