Wednesday, June 6, 2007

1st day in Sabah , 19th May 07

at last the long awaited trip is here !! me n estee depart from KL at 10.20am..n surprisingly no delay n sharp 12.50pm we arrive Kota Kinabalu Air Asia Airport, and cyril n kaeseng was already thr to pick us up..gosh the weather was superb is terribly hot,worst then KL..

(now i know wat is HOT !!)

cyril took us for lunch at this place called "Damai"..we had dry noodles n pork internal organs

after that we went to bukit bendera

and then to yayasan sabah

later on at night we had dinner with cyril's parents at Seafood Village near to the Port Kota Kinabalu almost everywhere u go u can see the sea..n later after the dinner we joined cyril's frens at this club name "the bed"..clubbing is different from KL..they had live bands n the songs was great n the 2 female singer had great voice !! thumbs up to them !! yien n gina n potato join us later....we went home around 2am n bath n rest !! a very tiring day !!

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