Wednesday, June 6, 2007

18.05.07 MFM

rachel , apple , liching , meow
previously,we had a short n simple farewell for rachel before she leaves for UK on the 1st of June to further her studies we organise a simple dinner at Manhattan Fish Market at Midvalley, but she was late due to bad jam..she came at around 9pm wen we already finish our dinner..(she sms ask us not to wait as we were very hungry)..
there were suppose to be 7 of us but oni 4 of us make it..other 3 did not make it due to work commitments...

at the time wen i m writting this she is already in UK and will be back 4 months later..sorry for the late post becoz i was on holiday n i will be back wif blogs for my holidays.....

This is to Rachel : all the best to u !! we gather again wen u r back in September !! Take care !!

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