Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Madam Kwan, Pavillion

i was at Pavillion with one of my roomate over the weekend. First thought was to go n get J&CO donuts but when we saw the que..OMG, its so freaking long thus i suggested that we go for lunch first then only we decide whether we still wan to come bac n que for donuts. I suggested Madam Kwan and my roomate has no objection as she has not try Madam Kwan before. (* i guess Madam Kwan is so famous that i don't need to do any intro.......)

"Nasi Bojari " - this is a must order item if u haven tasted it before !! Always remain my favourite dish at Madam Kwan. it is served with madam kwan's tri colour rice, a deep fried chicken drumstick, sambal prawns and rendang.(if u dont take beef u can ask to change the rendang)

"char kway teow" - very generous portion. it has generous portion of prawns and sotong..oohh..i heart this as well n when i m writing this i m craving for it ..

"banana fritters" - my favourite dessert at Madam Kwan.

at the end, me and my roomate were so fulled that we did not ordered the cendol. i wanted so much to have the cendol but my stomach reli do not allow me too, nevermind i definitely will be back !!

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and tastebuds.it maybe different for others.thx.no offence ;)

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