Wednesday, February 13, 2008

3JC,Sunway Pyramid

I was at sunway one of the weekends to visit my cousin who stays there. Pick her up and went to Sunway Pyramid.

Undecided on where to lunch so we just walk around and we stop at this restaurant name 3JC ( in mandarin its name is "san jian chuang")

drinks that we ordered.the normal blue soda with lemon,coke and honey lemon

3JC in Sauce~price at rm7.20. - u can choose what type of noodles u wan and my cousin opt for "lo shee fun". tastewise is normal dry version of "lo shee fun" but the pork ball shape was u can see from the pics it looks like 3 porkballs are sticking together.

3JC in Curry~price at rm9.50. i opt for the homemade noodles therefore its slightly more pricey.Tastewise not bad. Worth a try.

3JC in Soup~ price at cousin opt for the green home made noodles. additional rm1.00 if u prefer the green homemade noodles.

3JC Soup Rice~price at rm8.20. my brother says it very nice as the soup was very flavourful. i tried a bit and totally agree.

egg plant with minced dried prawns~price at rm3.20. egg plant alwiz my favourite but i find this a bit too oily but overall the fried dried prawns enhanced the taste of the egg plant.

"foo chook" roll ~ price at rm4.50

deep fried wanton~price at rm3.20

Overall, i found the food here acceptable if u totally have no idea of wat to eat. My next visit ?? i think will be quite some time cause i stay far away from Sunway Pyramid.

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

i still have a list of stuff i wan to blog about. my first birthday present, the jimuis gathering, my ipoh CNY......i better be more hardworking or else i wont get to blog bout everything. STAY TUNE !! and continue to collect lots more ang paus before the CNY ends...


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