Sunday, February 3, 2008

Coffee Bean, Pavillion

went to Pavillion yesterday,the very kind him wanted to accompany me to get the pair of shoes i wanted but i got the pair of shoes as my very first birthday present on Friday night( will blog about it later !excited !! *wink wink* ) went for movies...after movie, went to coffee bean coz he say they has the very very nice chicago cheese cake !

ice blended "something" - not sure wat he ordered, and the alwiz forgetful me forget to snap my hot cafe mocha

the "chicago cheesecake" that he strongly recommend - soft cheese with slight lemon taste. I would say its a good recommendation..bcoz i myself isnt a cheese lover and usually i dun take more than 2 bites but this time i definitely have more than two bites,so if u r at coffee bean n craving for some cheese cake, do give this a try, i bet u'll like it as much as i do..

i like this view (plus the drizzling effect), KLCC was blocked by the duno-wat-name building or else i guess the view will be perfect. I think the view looks beta at night when the lights are on..i must come here again at night to see the difference.

A very nice place with cozy ambience for great get together with friends. Definitely heart this coffee bean in Pavillion,actually coz i never reli hang out at coffee bean,personally prefer starbucks more ;)

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)


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