Sunday, April 6, 2008

iZZi, Damansara Uptown

i was at PJ during weekend and joyce suggest that we go to uptown and have lunch and to go shopping at cats whiskers because cats whiskers was having sales but we din buy anything at the end ;(

so we decided to go to iZZi for lunch coz Joyce told me they were having 50% off their ala carte menu (except for drinks and dessert). although they dun have 50% for dessert but it was at special price.all cakes are price at rm4.90.

both joyce and me were so hungry we ordered 2 types of cake while waiting for our mains to arrive.

green tea cake - green tea has been something i alwiz favour but joyce commented tat it tasted a bit bitter due to the green tea powder on top of the cake .

mango cake- there are slices of mango in the cake and it is not too sweet as both joyce and i dont favour too sweet food...

iZZi'z chicken wings in BBQ sauce - price at rm12.80 (after 50% = rm6.40) this chicken wing has always been my favourite

fettucinni con funghi - price at rm18.80 (after 50% = rm9.40). i think this was pretty tasteless. both of us added chilli flakes to it and extra cheese.

beef n "iZZi" - price at rm24.30 for regular (after 50%= rm12.15). this definitely has me n joyce vote. thumbs up !

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)


Anonymous said...

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mei said...

Hmm..that beef n izzi pizza is my favorite one in IZZI.This restaurant is my destination of having great food n the price worth it ^~*..

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