Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Paddington Pancake House, The Gardens

this is another way outdated post.. (and by the time i post this,liching already safely deliver a baby girl)

we went to Paddington Pancake House at The Gardens to celebrate Liching's be-earlier burfday.

but this time oni Joyce and me made 4 of us including liching's husband..

chocolate marshmellow

forgot the name of this dish but it definitely did not fill up our mommy-to-be

TOKYO - grilled chicken breast,tomatoes,chicken ham,oyster mushroom,mozarella served with rolled pannekoek & mashed potatoes~ price at 18.50

Sizzling premium Argentinian tenderloin - 300g serving with peach and plum salad and passionfruit mustard dressing ~ price at rm39.50

Treasure box - bite size dollar pancakes with strawberries,bananas,plums,peaches,raisins,nuts,cinnamon and ice cream ~ price at rm17.00

forgot to take down the name of this too.....(but i heart this !)

Overall, we love their dessert more than their mains and from what we observed, usually people come for their dessert...
All 4 of us love both the dessert a lot especially Treasure box.....i would say this is place great for for their mains, i guess there are something special because all their mains are served with different types of pancakes..a new way of eating pancakes instead ofthe traditional pancakes..and not to forget that their menu is very colourful and interesting..u will need sometime to browse thru and enjoy the menu book.

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)

Dearest liching, our pretty mommy-to-be,

Happy burfday ! Stay pretty and healthy !

on behalf of the jimuis


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