Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bye 2008.......Hellooooooo 2009

Another year has past, 2008 coming to an end in bout 2 weeks time..and Christmas is just around the corner...and eventho everyone saying its recession..shopping malls seem to be flooded with ppl. i just wonder how bad is the recession......

2008 - a meaningful year with lots of happening..personally,it has been a great year for myself..having a forever supportive family and good frens to surround u throughout the year is the greatest blessing one can have. I was goin thru some diff moments and i thought it will take me ages to get over it, but i got over it pretty fast.Friends were bringing me around and bringing me for movies and great food to make sure i m smiling again.Thanks to Estee and Eric.(movie,makan and yumcha at Klang..i reli have a great time).Being able to stand up again after i fall, made me grow and learn to see things from diff angles...No words can ever describe the gratitude i have for my family and good frens for helping me go thru all the bad moments and a very special thanks to Joyce. She never gets fed up with my stubborness and my rants..she just listen and listen and listen and listen and listen.......I AM BLESSED

Special Dedication to Mum

Mum, thank u so much for going thru the hard times with me. Hear me crying so badly on the phone.Talking to u everyday comforts me so much. Thank u for all the presents i get this year. Especially the COACH handbag. I love it so much and will alwiz appreciate it coz i know u never belive in splurging so much for just a handbag but u bought it for me.I had an awesome weekend last week.Only both of us, shopping, eating and like alwiz u listen to me crap, make silly jokes and gossip......and i love skincare shopping with u...I LOVE U !
AND to dad, thank u for alwiz changing my handphones........(cant wait for my next one)

All I want is just for my family and all my good frens to be blessed with good health,happiness and be safe no matter where u are...

Love alwiz,

2009 - a year that i m looking forward to..already enrol in Open Uni for my part time course which is commencing in May. Hoping hard now that i can cope with work and studies at the same time..and if i can cope well, considering to enrol inthe Profesional Baking classes which will be commencing in July. And of course i m looking forward to my trips next year..and to spend more time with all my love ones...

Resolutions for 2009 ? i dun think i m goin to do that this year, i'll just grab every opportunity that comes and make the best out of it. To be honest, how many of us actually achieve wat we write down for our resolutions. I guess some jus wrote it coz it jus like some old routines u have to do when its the end of the year {no offence :) }

I guess i will start blogging again after new year, till then HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS 2008 and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009.


Ray Titus Ong said...

there r no recession in malaysia so dun even think about it...economy might slow down a little as its a ripple effect from d world leaders stupidity :P

btw its good 4 u 2 take up courses 2 improve urself...ur still young and has lots of bright future...dun let "LOVE" take control of ur life... its actually a waste...oh yea... seriously u need 2 have a resolution cause without any direction... u wont know where 2 go..like wat u already planned out ur trips in 2009...Gambatei!

btw where is my Xmas present? :P

~Tr@cey~ said...
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~Tr@cey~ said...

Seems like you had quite an exciting 2008.. Hope you have a great 2009!! :)

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