Monday, January 12, 2009

Canton-i, 1U

After work,had dinner wif few close frens. I decided it to be at Canton-i. Heard reviews of this restaurant but have yet to try it myself..and i heard that its a subsidiary of Dragon-i.
A diff concept from Dragon-i.No Ramens and No Xiu Long Bao..
Located at G floor between the old and new wing. Its just right opposite T.G.I.F.

When we arrive at 8plus,the place is still pack with people..luckily one of my frens arrive early,we manage to secure a place at the sofa chairs..

水中花蓝. Flowering Red Amaranth(Marigold,Red Amaranth and Jasmine)~price at rm5.00 - very cute frens and i were looking at how the whole thing was and then we realise that the red flower and the tea leaves were tie together by a thread.

茉莉仙子.Jasmine Faery(Marigold,Red Amaranth and Chrysanthemum)~rm5.00

双拼捞面.Wanton Noodles with any 2 combination. Dry version:rm13.80.Soup version:rm12.80.Options are: wanton,`sui kow`, dumpling, honey glazed roast pork, roast pork belly, japanese pork rib, beef brisket, pork knuckle cantonese shredded meat and mushroom. I chose honey glazed roast pork & roast pork belly and opted for dry version. It was reli good. The skin of roast pork belly was reli crispy and the honey glazed roast port was reli good but a bit too fat...

Stir fry seafood noodle in Hong Kong style~price at rm12.90. Very flavourful with lots of sotongs,prawns and chicken meat.If you are a small eater,i suggest u share it with someone else.

Mongolian style fried kuey tiau with beef. Forget the exact name and price but very nice. Just find it a bit too oily. But if not sufficient amount of oil is use,we might complain that the kuey tiau might not be smooth enough..hehe..Becareful as the black plate is very hot !

XO酱炒箩卜糕.Fried turnip cake with XO sauce ~price at rm12.00. This was reli good. The fried turnip was reli flavourful and the prawns ware big.If we were not too full,definitely would like to order another plate of this.

I love this place for its honey glazed pork and roast pork belly and oso the fried turnip with XO sauce. I heard that the porridge are very good too..Definitely will return again real soon..coz i m a big fan of porrigde..The staffs are all very friendly and nice.You wouldn't have to wait too long for ur orders,but because the place is pack with people,its a bit noisy..but if i m the owner of course i wan it to noisy huh...hehe..

*opinions expressed here are based on my personal preference and maybe different for offence ;)


Anonymous said...

i love their XO fried must order item in canton-i n dragon-i

Anonymous said...

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