Thursday, November 30, 2006

24th Nov.06 ~ rUm jungL3

its already 30th today n now only i wan to start blogging bout 24th..but not dat late after all rite?

on 24th nov 06 we went to rum jungle to celebrate yien's 19th burfday(oops i stil owe her present)hehe...altogether they were 19 of us.we went in at about 11pm and at first all of us were sitting there like got nothing to do,den i ask them to go dancing,dun just sit down here..den most of them say "nanti la","oso haven got the kind of feeling yet.."den our chivas arrived n den we toast the burfday gal..den after the first toast most of us went dancing edi..the music before 12 was ok ok but after 12..GREAT !!!at 12pm we sang the burfday gal burfday song n everyone hug her..and after dat all of us are dancing the night away n continue to drink n dance n drink n dance..but froggy surprise me !!he can reli dance off his pressures.never see him like this before.i guess for those who didnt make it that night ur miss out the good n best stuff!!..n yvonne can reli shake too n for the first time she is wearing soo sexy..n she is the first one to ask"eh,wen are we going again?"...haha...but everyone had fun n we took pics too but all pics are very leng chai but we were so into among ourselves so who bothers if they are leng chai around or not..

n i think i drank too much that nite..coz before we end they decided to try tequila pop n i pop 2 cup the end i couldnt stand up,head was feeling so heavy..had to sit there n my son got me a cup of lime juice n make me felt least i can walk..even thou my frens have to hold me..thanx!!!

we ended at around 3 sumthing n then they say they are hungry n wan to go makan so we went to mamak opposite thai club n makan n den went bac at around 4 sumthing.i remember reaching home at around 5am n after bath n everything,bout 6am oni get to bed and the biggest price i have to pay for this time clubbing was dat i injured the bottom part of my feet.the skin as big as 50cent size peel off from the bottom of my feet n i oni realise after we makan at mamak.wen reach the guard house of our condo i have to take off my heels n walk bare footed..cant bear the pain..n took 2 days of mc on monday n tuesday coz the wound was infected by bacteria..but all this won't stop me from goin again..haha..
jus wan to wish the burfday gurl here " hapy burfday".may this burfday be an unforgettable burfday for u !!!

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