Thursday, November 23, 2006

lost in transit

how often do ppl think that they lost themselves?or u never actually understand who ourselves are?self conflict huh??? i guess i m having self conflict n loose my control on my emotions and the one who alwiz kena wen i loose control of my emotions is yien..come to think of it i m reli bad...but i lost control of it..but wen i wanted to argue wif sumone she is oso the one who is willing to argue wif me for no reasons just for the sake of shouting..

this whole period of time no matter how badly i loose my emotions n feeling down.she is there n never grumble a word..she stil can deal wif me patiently(thanx a lot gal). i appreciate it a lot and thank u for that..but dun let wat i say affect u coz i myself dun even know wat m i saying at the moment..
well we can be said that we went thru up n downs to be close frens cum sis huh?its was not an ez built friendship i would say therefore i treasure it..u r one of my precious treasures dat i do not wan to loose..
once again its proven there r real frens in this world..n i m lucky becoz i have them around me to go thru my down moments n they never give up on me...with the support from all of u i shall go thru this moment n never let ur down...

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aN eViL DeViL said...

Kayz loer...Only got yien yien n yien only loer.Me n mel d past d.*hide at d corner feeling down n disappointed w/o anyone care*