Thursday, November 16, 2006

deeparaya wif jimuis in ipoh..

it was a short but great holidays bac then during deeparaya..spend some quality time wif close frens a a few jimuis bac in ipoh.. the 3 days 2 nites were well spend..

the nite wen we arrive ipoh we straight went for dinner which is "nga choi kai" at "lou wong".. it was raining wen we arrive for dinner and since its continuous public holiday most of the people go bac to ipoh n for dat few days ipoh was like kl..everywhere is jam n packed wif ppl..we waited for almost an hour before we got a after dinner went bac to my grandma place for a while,intro intro my frens to my family den cabut balik my home to unpacked n go yumcha...

well..mel wanted to drink sum alcoholic drinks so we headed to this place call MP n order a bucket of beer..well it was a great hang out n bout 2 am went bac to tidur coz tomoro morning gonne wake up early for dim sum at "foh san" and to meet another jimui who will be cuming from kajang.she promise wan to meet us at 8.30am for breakfast tapi at the end overslept so they change their plan n cum in the afternoon..anyway we woke up late oso.reach "foh san" at about 9.45am n again its crowded wif ppl n we waited till 10.30 oni we managed to get a table..thought of going for laksa for lunch but all stil so full so we went n do gurls stuff..wat more else...of course SHOPPING !!!!!!!brought them to ipoh parade n everyone bought one went bac empty handed..after that went to oldtown kopitiam n had coffee n some toast n den head home for a short rest n bath then meet up wif another jimui at jusco before goin for dinner..we had 2 rounds of dinner.1st we makan"lok lok" den we went n makan fried noodles wif freshly steamed mini octopus..DELICIOUS!!! n we went for drinks after MP again but diff branch.this time beside beer we tried the tequila pop too but they added too much sprite..

last day..went breakfast at the same place coz the other jimui have yet to makan at "foh san" but not so crowded as the day before.after breakfast we went to "sam poh tong" to feed turtles..but the weather was real hot..den after dat i head bac to buy a cake from secret recipe for mom's early celebration of burfday n gave her a surprise..haha..den head to my grandma place for lunch n rest for a while den head to kl to the hectic life again..mis home n mom so much..dun feel like goin bac to kl at all..i miss mom !!! ( many more pics but lazy to upload..hehe..)

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