Monday, December 4, 2006

little gathering wif my ex-classmates

had a small gathering wif my ex classmates on friday nite(01.12.06)at quan's cafe cheras that long never gather together n kepoh kepoh n update each other...
all the ice cream in the menu was so attractive..haha..i had my favourite flavour...STRAWBERRY !!!(vanilla n chocolate is oso delicious)n its GOOD !!!n havin it together wif them was FANTABULOUS !!!

so long never meet up wif them,all of us have a different path now.some stil studyin in ktar,some at utar n some are already working...all of us miss the time we spend together wen we were in lunch together,movie n bbq n karaoke n shopping..i stil remember we use to go n eat at tbr..the 10 of us..we use to make so much noise wenever we go makan..

it was a short but meaningful gathering dat nite..laikuan n munli arrive later..haha,i got to eat bread dat my fren make(n i know there are many more bread to come..hehe)delicious!!!n den we kepoh kepoh bout each other's life bout wats going on n take pics non stop haha...
here are some pics..