Friday, December 15, 2006

goodbye to 2006

2006 is coming to an end..its 15th today.2 more weeks to 2007..
wat have i actually done in 2006??

a lot has actually happen.not only in 2006 but since i shift down to kl.few years here has changed me alot.would i say for better or for worst?? i have to admit wat i have go thru makes me a stronger person mentally...been thru a lot of ups n downs.having met so many great friends who go thru my ups n downs wif me...

its stil very clear in my mind wen i confessed to the person i like for so long, was about a year plus ago but its stil clear in my mind..but i m glad that we are stil remaining friends..stil do think of him once in a while but its a diff.kind of feeling now...more of a real close friend who i can talk to..destiny let us meet and i fell for him..but fate has not brought us together mayb becoz we were more comfortable as friends..was hurt,angry, cried a lot but everything has past ..thank u so much for the sweet memories u left for me,i will alwiz remember.i was once angry wif u but i m not now.i oso understand that if u love a person u do not have to have him.all i wan is to see u blessed wif love n career..sincerely from my heart,i hope that u will find the one n be successful in watever u r doin now.u have once crossed my path n left deep foot prints tat wil never fade.if i have the chance to choose i will stil choose to let u crossed my path..u take care n may u be blessed wif happiness...

memories spent wif jimuis are stil so fresh in mind..although it might not be the complete 7 of us for each outing but there were too much sweet memories among us..stil remember we use to cook dinner together..there were times tat we were so into sphagetti n mashed potato..n we ate til we were so jelak of felt sweet to think bac all the sweet n silly things tat we do together.liching burfday was an unforgettable one n till now none of us has yet to eat chocolate banana cake from secret recipe again..we surprise estee on her 20th burfday but the pics tat were taken were all gone becoz the film tat we bought was bad thus we cant develop the 20th burfday was a grand one too..all of them were in ipoh to celebrate my will be the most unforgettable day in my life..was very touched.stil remember they bought me a full bowl of red strawberries for me n surprise me wif a ice cream burfday cake...i was soaked in sparkling fruit juice..stil remember we went shopping together,first time goin to mel n st's place in klang,went to makan at kajang n stay a nite at liching's place..too many sweet memories tat i cant pen it all down..but i m thankful tat we all stil keeping in touch now eventhough not as often but there is stil something that connects the 7 of us..all the best to the jimuis and may year 2007 be a great one for the 7 of us & may our jimuiship be longer than forever.6 of ur are the most precious gift i ever receive... I LOVE U ALL 7 !!!

wan to tell my current roomate, THANK U alot for ur patience n tolerance.i know i was being emotional for the past few months.thank u so much for ur patience n tolerance wen dealing wif me..dun mean to bully u or anything..i m glad to have u as my close fren being so real to me...may v stil stay to be roomates..dun wan our roomateship to end so fast..n jus wan to let u know i m sorry where at times i might be able to be wif u wen u r having probs but u know i m alwiz willing to share wif u no matter its ur happy or down moments..

to my exclassmates..thank u for taking the effort to keep in touch wif me..i appreciate it alot..and meeting ur up everytime means a lot to me..i miss the times we spend in college.i miss the times wen ur come to the hostel n knock at my door n force me to go for class..haha..stil so fresh in my mind..we go steamboat ,sing k , makan, shopping in the lecture hall (even though i dun attend lectures tat often..hehe)thanx for alwix keeping a set of notes for me n alwiz willing to teach me wen i dun understand..thank u so much gals !!! specially to yokeling,thank u for the bread..u make me love breads even more!

i understand tat friends alwiz come n go in our lives..ppl alwiz say that u r very lucky if u can find one true fren..but i m more than lucky..i have all of them..they have prove themselves to be true frens..being there wen i needed me pull thru my down moments and never give up on me and stil believe in matter wat n where we will be in the future i wil alwiz put a special place for all of u in my heart..all of u will alwiz hold a special place in my matter who i m in the future or how i have turn into i will alwiz be the APPLE SIEW that u know...

n thank u to my ex-colleagues n my current colleagues who are alwiz willing to teach me wenever i do not understand of anything.wan to take the opportunity here to say million thank u n sorry if i had troubled all of u.

n definitely not forgetting my family especially my mom n grandma who has been my pillar of strength..n has accompany me to come this far...encouraging me at wat i m doing.thank u for not givin up on me wen i did not do well in my studies n stil supportive of wat i m doing..i m sorry i have dissapointed u n i m trying not to dissapoint u again..I LOVE U MOM !!!

lets all of us have a great 2007!!!

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aN eViL DeViL said...

Oh gosh...I din noe u write up tis much.Get a lil touched when readin the jimuiz part.Flash back those good old days.Apple Siew u wait.Im gonna write up one too if I got the time n mood la.Haha...Gal,thanks for beein thr when I needed sumone.No matter wat u turns to in the future, no worries.I will neva stop buggin u.Mwahaha...Thanks Dear.Muacks n Huggiez.