Wednesday, February 14, 2007

luna bar

9th of february - last day of exam,at last the exams are over and hopefully this time i did right after exam we went to sungai wang and did shopping but nothing seems to attract me and we were there till bout 6 pm and went home and prepare to go to Luna Bar.altogether 5 of us went o luna bar..was pretty excited at first coz have alwiz wanting to go there..but the cover charge was a bit pricey so at the end we decided to open a bottle...the environment i guess will be nice for those who wans a relaxing moment but actually we wanted to dance..but no point complainin since we were already in so jus make the best out of it..the view was nice..klcc and kl tower seem near and we took lots and lots of pics... and here are some of them to be shared with u all..

we sat at 2 diff places that nite..we actually wanted to leave earlier to go n makan tong sui but cant becoz one of our fren was drunk so we were there till bout 2.30am and my other fren had to carry him down..haha luckily the mr.strong guy was there to carry him if not i could not imagine how us 4 gals can carry him...

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