Wednesday, February 14, 2007

10th February 2007

10th February - i remember we slept at 4am tat nite at we woke up at 8.30am to get ready to go to sunway lagoon,we were so sleepy but excited to reach sunway.honestly,i have not been there for almost 10 yrs..the last time was wen i was 11 if i did not remember wrongly...but we waited for a few frens at we end up reaching sunway at 12.30pm and they decided to only go for wet park as they are afraid tat we do not have enuf time for both wet and dry park...did not take any pics as we were at the wet park..and my skin till today is so tanned and my face skin is peeling now..argh..but its worth it coz i had tonnes of fun wif estee,yien,potato,cool zhai and froggy...
den after we bath we decided to go and try out the "yuen" steamboat but we were there,they were so many ppl waiting for their turns so we decide to eat mcD instead..but the 4 gals eat light meal at mcD coz we came bac to genting klang and eat porridge and tomyam steamboat and we ate till 11.30pm..and then went home and bath and it did not end there..after bath i had a surprise..they celebrate my burfday earlier coz yien n my son will be goin bac to their hometown..they bought me my favourite strawberry cake..i love the cake so much that i tak sampai hati wan to eat are some pics of that nite..

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